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Akimichi, Choziro is currently a 12 year old academy student in Konohagakure.


Choziro is a Gentle and relaxed type of guy. He accepts people,animals, and other beings for what they are as he simply wishes them to do the same for him. He keeps most things to himself and usually let other's do what they want when it involves him. He's not the type to start the conversation but would be happy to join one. Choziro is content with being a member of his clan, this usually leads to the comments about his size to be like a brezze to him causing it to just brush past. He has no real temper unless utterly and greatly disrespected

Background Story

Choziro was born into the house of the Akimichi becoming another member of his clan, his parents at first decided for him to live a diffrent life wanting him to be something such as a tailor or sellsmen so that he didn't need to increase the size of his body. As he grew older he noticed his parents goals and found that they were disgusted with their clan which brought sadness to him, having his own pride and wants he decided to become a shinobi and live on the legacy of his clan with or without support from his family.

At a young age he was mature enough to understand hwo he woudl be seen to others and also accepted how his teenage life would be preparing himself for insults and other harsh actions due to his appearance. When he met his bestfriend Yuriina he found someone who he could really trust and decided he would help her with her goals as well.


  • Choziro's favorite food is chicken.
  • Napping is his favorite hobby

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