The explosive tag is a ferocious weapon, easily capable of blowing off limbs, chunks of flesh and searing muscle and bone alike if used directly upon an unconditioned body.

Tags are often attached to kunai with a length of wire or string, creating a projectile explosive upon contact with flame, with timing or remote detonation. An adept shinobi may also incorperate the tags with their techniques, most notably the Kawarimi no Jutsu; a basic subsitution of an errant log combined with an explosive turns a supplementary technique into an offensive one. For more strategic shinobi the tags may also be connected to other glyphs and triggers, potentially creating either a deathtrap or lengthy obstruction for all those who may enter their range.  

The "Snake" handseal is often associated with remote detonation of the tag. The explosions themselves may be chained together or isolated seperately if the user  is both skilled and attuned with their chakra.


Explosive tags are merely pieces of paper infused with chakra and sealed with the kanji for "Explode" (爆).

Although a Fuuinjutsu user is needed to create the tag, most if not all shinobi have at least one tag within their arsenal due to it's almost non-existant weight and variety of uses.

The explosive tag is most likely inspired by the "Ofuda" or charms used by Shinto monks in Asia.

Requires T2 fuuinjutsu and 150 minerals to create.

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