Once a prideful sapling planted onto the desolate deserts of Sunagakure, albeit now merely a dry branch of blackened ash. Alas, a shell of its former self.

  Summary; [PAGE WIP]

  The scorched grave of the Fukui perches on the outskirts of Sunagakure, left discarded and forsaken, shattered glass across the rough cobblestone, the fallow wooden structures in the form of fragmented remains and dried-out troughs to where rivulets once fell.

  The sturdy footfalls of prideful compatriots non-existent, with but a few small insects as natural substitutes. The small cottage was burned to a crisp, its population massacred by its fiery whim. Only a few survivors remain, scattered beyond the distant lands, with their identifications and life experiences solely for belongings.


  Their origin is extremely intricate. To plunge a hand forth into their soils and scavenge for roots is not an act that can easily be executed.

    Not much is known of their origins, although the occasional whisper and rumour loom from their ruins aligned with the fog that shrouds those ruins:

    Supposedly folk of culture and religion at first, rising from the ashen dust beneath their feet, with only hoes and fishing rods strapped to their rears. The Fukui began as humble anglers and agriculturalists, fleeing from an outlying country. They formed their foundation soon enough in the desert somewhere unknown, as the heat supposedly enthralled their people.

  Over the years of constant development, the Fukui became a well-organised set that specialised in farming and fishery. There were around fifty to sixty people in total in its greater stages, with most of all inhabiting the respectful cottage; there were only a small quantity of strays.  Their terrain and the specified biome to which they dwelled granted them the ability to produce crops, such as wheat and other useful necessities. Their excess produce was sold to larger nations and that was its main source of income.

  • ==Notable Members==

- Fukui, Ashiroku

- Fukui, Yuzuto

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