The Fukui in His Younger Days...As depicted by Ray.

Fukui, Yuzuto is a young Genin of...A certain village. He is exactly thirteen years of age and is known for being a kind soul, Only snapping on people that have managed to get onto his bad side over time. He holds a high respect for his cousin, Hentohori.


Yuzuto started out in a small hut in the wilderness, Being raised by himself until a young age. At a young age, With his gourd in-tow he travelled to Sunagakure in search of his family. Lucky for him, He found Hentohori, Who was told to be last Fukui before Yuzuto came along. Overjoyed that he'd found the last member of his family, Yuzuto settled down in Sunagakure and stayed there to make plenty of new friends and to be with Hento. After staying there for quite awhile Yuzuto came upon two people who shared similar abilities with him, D'mitri and Honjo, Onirokai. As he honed his skills with these two he lived happily until Onirokai was sent off to fight in the war. Days later when the battle squad returned the news was delivered that Onirokai was dead and that his body was nowhere to be found, This made Yuzuto sad but he didn't let it get him down, Using it as a reason to grow stronger. As he progressively grew stronger he was told by someone that Hento planned to leave and create his own village. Following his family member Yuzuto went with Hentohori, Turning his back on Sunagakure and heading off. Only days after he recieved news that Hentohori was dead, And ended up travelling with a friend of his off someplace else.

Family (That I know of.)

Fukui, Hentohori  

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