Guardian of Konohagakure, Asuna

Age 10


Asuna, New born Age: 5-10 Weight: 60-75 Height: 3'2- 4'5

In the passing years in the village of Konohagakure, deep with in a forest there was a newly sprouted sapling. It gave off a faint sent that was similar to the first day of spring. As years went by the sapling had fully grown into a beautiful blossom tree. As the winds carried the peddles from the branches, and as they gently fell, the very first peddle that had fallen onto the very surface of the earth, took form of a little human girl. With that the blossom tree was not ordinary, it was simply the messenger that gave the village of Konohagakure, it's very first guardian, it was up to this little girl to help start a new beginning for the future lives in the village, and help guide it to a safer ending. Surely it was not all up to just her, it was up to her ability to only help the people who lived in the very village to push them to a better future. In doing so she was told to learn, and branch out on her own to understand her true purpose, and then to one day soon live out her own life in Konohagakure to watch over the village as she born to do. Yes such a heavy burden to bare, yet she understood her purpose, and set out to do her very best.

Asuna, Ai

Guardian of Konohagakure, Asuna

Age 14

Cherry blossoms dress flowers long hair yosuga no sora gray eyes white hair kasugano sora anime girl 68

Asuna, Age: 11-14 Weight: 75-85 Height: 4'5-5'0

As years go by, Asuna's hair, skin, and eyes begin to brighten from the seasonal changes, in another case it's also from the natural causes of the blossom tree's energy withering away, while Asuna is gaining the energy. Ever since she has been born from that tree, she is also connected to it until the day comes for it to fully wither away. Once that happens Asuna would have already become the permanent guardian to the Konohagakure Village. As she starts to advance in certain aspects of skills, that she began to pick up from watching certain special people who run through out the village at intense speed. Seeing how the people around her, are capable of running, and jumping onto buildings, walking along the surface of water, and even watch them go through intense training just to improve on an everyday scale, makes her doubt herself as to why they would need help at all. Seeing all of these skills, and abilities it makes even her curious to want to try them herself. So her first intention is to set her sights to gain knowledge of these skills, she does so by entering at a place called the Academy. There at that one place is where she gains not only knowledge, but new friends await her.


Guardian of Konohagakure, Asuna

Age 19

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