1. Get your hands on some minerals. The most basic way to do this is to buy a pickaxe and head to the mines, clicking on the mineral nodes lying around the mines to harvest minerals.

2. Get the required amount of minerals for the item or items you want made.

3. Find someone or get a blacksmith perk. Only people with a certain level of a blacksmith perk can make items out of minerals.

4. Roleplay making the item. Usually something longer and more detaild as the the item gets more expensive.

5. GM help to ask an admin to come grant you the item. Have to trade the cost of minerals for the item, as well as be able to provide the RP of you making it.

Alternate way:(Update)

1.Ask admin for blacksmith verbs if you have perks.(Ranks Tab)

2.Roleplay making the item.

3.Use the make item verb and pick how many of that item your making.(You actually need minerals to make them.)


Rookie Blacksmith (T1)
--This individual is a rookie blacksmith. They are capable of crafting the most basic items using the minerals found throughout the world.

Veteran Blacksmith (T2)
--This individual is a veteran blacksmith. They are skilled in crafting more advanced items items using the minerals found throughout the world.

Master Blacksmith (T4)
--This individual is a highly skilled, and highly trained smith. They are capable of crafting the most difficult items, and even enchanting them with basic magical properties.

Items and Cost

  • Senbon: 5
  • Shuriken: 10
  • Kunai: 15
  • Rope: 100
  • Explosive Tag (Fuuinjutsu Req): 150
  • Windmill Shuriken: 250
  • Back Shuriken: 450     (Tier 1 blacksmith limit)
  • Wakizashi: 700
  • Rebreather: 800
  • Katana: 1250
  • Fan: 1500
  • Light Armor: 2000
  • Heavy Armor: 2750
  • Zanbatou: 2500
  • War-fan: 8500
  • Blank Headband: 500
  • Custom Armor: 10,000
  • Custom Weapon: 10,000
  • Magical Armor: 25,000
  • Magical Weapon: 25,000

Note: Magical/Custom Weapons and Armor can end up costing different amounts than the price stated, depending on how powerful they would be. A magical weapon that can glow would cost less than a magical weapon that can shoot lasers.

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