320px-Summoning Technique

A space time ninjutsu that transports an animal or animals to the user to aid him in whatever task it agrees to.

Type of Summons


A contract summon is Toad, Snake, Slug, or any custom summoning that makes it to this level. It relies on having to have your name signed onto the contract in blood, much like the show, as well as two or so weeks of logging. Using a contract summon, you have several different choices of animals to summon, and are not restricted to only summoning one specific animal. (E.G. A snake summoner can summon a large snake, or a small snake. Not just being restricted to a small snake)

Note: May not need the two weeks of logging. Ask an admin in game. 


A personal summon is any custom summon that the user creates. The restraints of this summon is that you are only able to summon one companion ever. That companion may grow in size and power, but you are only restricted to that animal. You have a contract with that specific animal, as opposed to all of those animals. This also takes the two weeks of logging for the animal.

Getting a Summoning animal

  1. Approval. You're going to need admin approval of this animal being a summon. Whether its a contract or a personal summon, you're going to need their help.
  2. Two (2) weeks of logging for the summon in the Progress Log. Summons can't be earned in the Learn/Teach log.
  3. Icon. For personal summons, you're going to need to have the icon ready after logging for it.
  4. GM help and get the summon granted, providing the icon if not a contract summon.


Most animals range from tiny as Gamakichi to as giant as Gamabunta. Being grown over three sizes over time. Small, Medium, and Large. 

These sizes can be grown through progress logging, or over a TimeSkip.

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