First off Graduation perks and New player require you to use gm help.

Second pick your perks or let the admin pick for you.

Enjoy your new t1 perks.

(Note you can only get main perks for Genin graduation and new player.)


-Genin Graduation perks 2-3 (If your less then 10 perks)- (Admiin still working on that)

-New player Perks 1 (Open later in the wipe.)- (Start of the wipe is active)

-Useless Perks (Takes up space and doesn't help you at all given randomly)-

-Event character (Most are short lived unless long term EC and perks decided by admin used in mission or a event)-

-Timeskip  (Skip foward into time and get older but get perks and jutsus in exchange Progression stops for 1-2 weeks)-

-Death reward (Genin+ and higher at death can get them depending on how much they contribute. Admin decide reward period)

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