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Guides are helpful. Without them, new players may find themselves trapped in confusion, and begging for answers. Without them, people may find themselves lost in a neverending traipse, trying to find answers. Guides may not answer everything, but a smart man reads everything he can, because the smart man is the one who gets the game.

If you've written a guide, and want it up here, either contact an admin in-game or wait it out. Chances are, your guide will be read, whether it's known or not.

Official Guides

Guides beneath this heading have been approved for their lack of bias, their originality, and their usefulness. These are often written by Admins and the Veteran status players of EotS.

  • Specialist Guide
    • Details on many of the different professions available to players.
  • Progression Guide
    • Learn how to successfully progress on EotS.
  • Power-ups
    • Learn about the different powerups techniques provide, like Sage Mode and Sharingan.

Unofficial Guides

Although these guides may not be quite up-to-par, they cover major topics that are outside of official buissiness. Such topics including guides to strategy, developing jutsus, and others of the sorts.

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