Hanzo waking up from being out of commission for three years.

Mei, Hanzo previously knowned as the "The Storm ninja" is a Chuunin ranked shinobi from Kirigakure. He's a talented shinobi, however, he missed out on three years due to a fatal injury during a mission and was incapiticaed ever since. 


Hanzo is a tall toned shinobi. He's very athletic and it could be seen by his muscle tone. His hair is dark and spikey. His eyes are blue like the ocean. He always seems to have a rather angry look on his face. He usually wears his headband on his head.

Background Story

Hanzo was fourteen when he became a genin, a little older than his peers. However, he was one of the most talented. His chakra control and amount was oustanding for his generation. It only took him three years to pass the Chuunin exam. He became a rookie Chuunin at the late age of seventeen. During his Chuunin years he took on a lot of missions and survived a lot of fierce battles. At the age of twenty-three his promotion was waiting for him, but he had to take on a mission to prove himself. The mission proved to be to great for his squad and Hanzo was severly injuried and weakened from the task. He's been incapitiated for three years, rejuvantating and preparing his body, waiting to be an shinobi again.


Hanzo is an smart experienced individual. He's been through a lot of situations that help mold his character. He acts very mature, due to his age. He could be a nice person, depending on how he knows you. Usually, Hanzo is about business. He is at times very serious and cold. Hanzo's heart is like a storm, the sun could possiblely shine at times or it could be dark, stormy, and cold. 

Back in Action!

Hanzo regained his Chuunin status and started operating under the Mizukage again. He was now just another shinobi, nobody knew of him and he didn't know of anyone. A few individuals helped him fit in that Hanzo consider to be "friends". It wasn't long before Hanzo took over Saeka's spot as the Police Captain. He  renamed


Hanzo back in action.

the force name to Misuto Keiatsu. He managed to keep the village safe and secure ever since his promotion. Activity around the village went to an all time low. Hanzo and Nagani, Yuu together managed to stop an attack on the village before it even happened. Hanzo's adjusting himself, getting back into the game and learning the new players. 

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