Asane Hibarusa

Asane Hibarusa is a twenty year old citizen of Kirigakure of Kirigakure. Seeing as how he never went out and tried to be productive in the community, many people know nothing about his personality, nor do they know of his history and tragic past.  


Asane is a male standing at average height with a slender build. He can usually be seen wearing clothing that covers the entire length of his arms and legs in order to hide multiple scars that riddle his body. His appearance is basically the same as it is in the picture, only his eyes shine with a dull tint of grey. 

Vague background

Asane grew up with a loving mother in a middle class family. Very rarely did anything bad happen, his life was completely normal unlike a lot of these people running around with a tragic background. His mother was an accountant named Stephanie Hibarusa. Yes, an accountant. 

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