Perion at ten.


Perion at fourteen.


Perion at eighteen.

Begun his shinobi life at the age of ten. He'd taken up kenjutsu when his friend Masuno was harshly killed as a result to a conspiracy within Kirigakure. After four years passed he'd become well-versed with the katana and blades alike. As time continued to pass him by he continued to make friends and companions of whom he thought he could cherish. Until a majority of them fell either to Samurai or those of Sunagakure.


Grew up in Kirigakure with very few friends, but many acquintances. Those he did become close friends with perished as a result of war leaving him questioning life within the walls of Kirigakure itself. As he grew up within this shinobi world he came to the realization if he wanted to change the life he saught out. He'd have no option but to take action himself instead of remaining idle doing nothing. Eventually the entire village set out to go to Konoha to aid in the war against Sunagakure. A substantial amount of shinobi lost their lives that die which made him realize the life of a shinobi was no longer an easy life in which he could lay back any longer.

  • Establish the Hozuki Clan.
  • Avenge his fallen comrades.
  • Become a well reowned shinobi.


    Stands at 6'2 weighing around around 160 lbs. His muscle is sheerly composured of nothing but lean muscle through years of intense training. His hair is a silver-white color which almost blends with his pale white skin in a way. Only has one distinct facial feature which is the tattoo he has underneath his left eye which he'd gotten while he was within Konoha.

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