Choalin is a young Hyuuga. She is normally seen around Konoha acting about as clueless as she possibly could, these days. Also being aknowledged as one of the best medics in Konoha. 



The Hyuuga has long, thick hair. Brushed to perfection. A deep shade of blue that can be mistaken as black. Her physical traits can be described as perfect. Every step taken to make sure she looks as best as she can, when she can.


Born in Konoha, she and her brother simply enrolled in the academy like everyone else. She made friends along the way. The Hyuuga also missed a few exams, causing her to be at the top of her class when she did finally take an exam. Overall, it was pretty simple. Her cousin, Hyuuga, Ayane, had became a Genin before her. That gave her an excellent sparring partner.

But, since she had missed so many exams, she had alot of time to train and study. For an academy student... She sure was something else. Constantly seen sparring other academy students at the time, usually her friends. She was able to contend with and do better than most of them. Though she was training with Hyuuga, Kenta to make her excell even faster.

By the time she did become a Genin, something new came to her mind. The lack of medics. She decided that she'd want to spend a few years studying the art of medical ninjutsu, which was also easy for her since she had been training her chakra control, and being a Hyuuga, chakra control was needed for clan technqiues. While studying medical ninjutsu, she had an excellent teacher. Yuremashi, Yamia, who had agreed to teach Choalin medical ninjutsu since she had seemed like a bright individual at the time.

After she had become Genin, she had asked Hyuuga, Amaryllis to teach her the clan's techniques, though it seemed like Amaryllis didn't want to teach her at that time, which caused Choalin to train even harder. Along this time she made friends with Hyuuga, Hikari. Hikari had agreed to teach her techniques of the Hyuuga clan, as well as make her preformance as a shinobi much better.


She could be thought of as a kind, whole-hearted individual. Whe she tries to do something, she'll give it her all. Even if she doesn't know what she's doing! She gives off a cheerful feel to whoever is around her.

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