History and Goals

Raised as an orphan it was not easy for Killua he had to go through many hardships.Now he attends the Konogakure Academy.He is not an outspoken person always the quiet one listening to orders.His goal is to one day become hokage and end this world of war that has come over the shinobi world.Although quiet shy he is not gonna let anything come in the way of achieving his dream and he is glad for his sensei Ayane who he would indeed pretect with his very life.As a member of the Hyuugas Main House Hold,he is expected to do alot of things.Most times you would find him in the library researching ninjutsu and taikustu techniques and strategys.He hopes to also one day achieve snake sage mode.

                                      Looks and Personal Life                            

Killua has Silver hear and normally wears a scarf and a gray Jump Jacket.Some people call him the Silver Striker because of his silvery hair and his clan fighting style.He also wears a hoddy whenever he feels to be shady or is studying.He sits in an awkward position with his feet on the chair with his hands cuff around them.He may look fragile but the Hyuuga fighting style allows him ro be full of surprises.      

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