Ayasune was a notable jounin out of Konohagakure no Sato recognized for being one of few competent members of the Inuzuka clan in her time. She was tall with black hair and few scars, some only found encircling one arm and another deep cut across the back of her neck and across her nose. She was not often found without some form of fur-lined jacket on her and kept one particular jacket until it was destroyed years later. A replacement was later given to her son, Inuzuka, Ryuno. Over her time she went through many Ninken; Aiimaru, Chairomaru, Shiiomaru and various others for short periods of time.


At the age of fifteen Ayasune willingly went to join the Konohagakure Academy only to come across an attack by Godric Uchiha and his band of rogues. The young Inuzuka was tied up and threatened while she watched many of the Konoha-nin die by the Uchiha's hands, dissuading her from joining the shinobi ranks for many months and left a scar on her formerly active personality.

Eventually she would overcome the situation enough to join the academy with the encouragement of another Uchiha, Shinryu, who she would begin a relationship with, and many others she would befriend, particularly notable, Thanes Senju and the chuunin Hitomatsu Uchiha. Eventually the girl would graduate and end her relationship with Shinryu, suspicious that he had cheated on her, before heading out on her first extra-village mission alongside Thanes and their mentors Hitomatsu and Kitai Fumiko at the age of 17. The goal was to merely get some mining done when things quickly went sour. A fight broke out between resident samurai and Kitai, causing Hitomatsu to order the genin to leave. Thanes and Ayasune would escape and wait at a bridge near the mines, part of an established rendevous when the poor situation would get worse as the two were ambushed by Uchiha, Rin who toyed with both genin, carving away the flesh on the back of the Inuzuka's neck and holding her down in the pool of blood from both that wound and the murder of her best friend beside her. Though she was spared Ayasune would take from the situation a mortal hatred for the woman and use it as her inspiration for the rest of her life.

Upon giving up the rendezvous she would be forced to leave Thanes' corpse on the bridge to return to the mines in search of her allies. She'd arrive only in time for the Samurai to leave and Ayasune to discover that her mentor and new best friend had lost his arm at the shoulder. She'd use her jacket to help the wound while Kitai used a torch to cauterize the wound. The Uchiha gave her an order not to tell anyone what happend to them there and the two set off for Home while Kitai stayed behind to bury Thanes and attempt to get revenge.

The pair would enter Konoha with minimal questioning despite each being absolutely covered in blood and quickly make rookie attempts at more permanent solutions to their injuries before splitting off again, signalling the beginning of her fallout with her teacher.

Injured and even more withdrawn after the events of her first mission she would return to Shinryu who would help her with the injuries and eventually leave his interim girlfriend Lilika to return to the Inuzuka. Gaining some popularity among her clan-members, intending to eventually take over and "fix" the problematic Inuzuka the clan was then known for, she would eventually be unanimously declared the future sucessor to Shirai. Over the rest of the years during the ascent and reign of Seimu and Rin Ayasune would eventually join Kazuro Mazashi's squad and train under him as well as experience plenty of battles, simply growing in strength and popularity until eventually becoming a Chuunin at the age of 20 by 24 she was an respectably distinguished shinobi amongst her peers and on the track to Jounin.

(To be continued)


Ayasune was greatly skilled with her clan's techniques, though as the clan leader she neglected to learn the stronger hidden jutsu of her predecessors which she attempted to make up for with her affinity to lightning learning several techniques and eventually creating her own. In Taijutsu she relied on physical strength and running speed to win her battles, often with multiple ninken and clones to overwhelm her opponents with numerous high-speed attacks from multiple sources.


Ayasune returns with Juukai, Ryuno and the rest of her rogue group to Konoha following their defeat in the 3rd Great Shinobi war.

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