Inuzuka, Houkuto
Some attributes
First Age:12(As of 690) 16(as of 694)
Second DOB:November, 25th
Third Sex:Female
Other attributes
Fourth Rank: Veteran Genin Lvl.2
Fifth Element: Lighting
ChibiMaker-Inuzuka, Houkuto 2

Inuzuka Houkuto(16)

She is an orphan who was left on the street by her mother due to being an affair child.Having to fend for herself at such a young age she devoloped a cold look in her eyes. To escape her life on the streets she decided to become a ninja and join the academy. Appearance wise she is almost always mistaken for a boy due to her short spikey hair. Currently, she is unaware of her Inuzuka Origins. However at age 6 she met a normally vicious street dog that attacked villagers. This dog was suprisingly docile around her. Houkuto noticing that they were both loners approached it and noticed that the dog was underfed.Despite having little food of her own Houkuto feed the starving dog. They stuck around each other ever since then and, Houkuto eventually decided to name the dog, Shinken. Over her years on the street, Houkuto gained minor stealth skills as well as pickpocketing skills. She's very crafty with her hands. 

In 690 she failed her first academy exam. The following year she passed and made genin.

In 694 she is a veteran genin, and has trained harder to increase her skills.

Her current goals:

Make Chuunin

Find her Mother and Father.(Discover her origins)

One day become ANBU



ChibiMaker-Inuzuka, Houkuto

Inuzuka,Houkuto(Chibi-Age 12)

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