Jinzo's Clan Symbol.

As a man sow, shall he reap. And I know that talk is cheap, but the heat of the battle is as sweet as the victory. ~Clan's quote

Clan History

This clan was formed in Sunagakure early 688's, not really known as much. The clan resided in a housing area of the desert landscape and had a small section for the clan. It never truely adapted into a large clan and most likely never will be. The leader, Gozu, has been leading the clan since the beginning of the creation. The clan is known for it's weaponist and kenjutsu users. Those who do not follow the path in weaponry or kenjutsu are concidered low-beings in the clan's ranking status.

Year 704

It was currently known that Gozu, father of Yuzuru Jinzo, was leader of this prosperous family. However, there is a tradition deep in blood to pick the new leader. The son of the currently, or relative if no son, has to challenge the leader to a death battle by only using weaponry and kenjutsu in their aid. Yuzuru had tooken this challenge and killed Gozu. Now, Jinzo clansman are usually found within Sunagakure, attempting to become shinobi due to Yuzuru's set example.

Clan Traits

The members of the clan that are born into it usually adapt the following traits:

  1. Crimson eyes
  2. Clan Symbol receading on their left arm
  3. Crimson or Black hair

It is highly rare for one to be born without the specified hair or eye color but has been done before. Those who are born with different hair or eye colors are usually kicked out of the clan by those in power or simply avoided by the population of the clan.

Notable Clan Members

  • Jinzo, Gozu ~ Deceased | Father of Yuzuru
  • Jinzo, Yuzuru (Leader) ~ Son of Gozu Jinzo
  • Jinzo, Touma ~ Cousin of Yuzuru

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