Yuzuru at age fourteen when he first arrived in Sunagakure.

A notable boy from Sunagakure, known for his mastery in weaponry.

Notable titles:

Student of Rukawa Honjo

Suna's Loyalist

The Metallic Contortionist

The Move ~

As a young child, Yuzuru was sent to Sunagakure by his parents and loved ones to train in the arts of weaponry and kenjutsu by a select teacher named Isshi, Zoie. This gained him a lot of skill in the art of weaponry, and is now commonly known to be a weaponist in the village of Sunagakure. However, a lot of the effort came from Yuzuru as Zoie had left Sunagakure after awhile, leaving him there with no teacher. So, he learned on his own and eventually did good for his village.

Later Years ~

In later years of his Sunagakure life, his cousin, Touma had appeared and it seemed the parents had sent her as well. He wasn't expecting it, but it was all worth it in the end. He now considers Sunagakure as a permanent family, and believes one day that they will be the prominent village and will easily topple over others. He gained scars and new prowesses throughout the next year as well, making him look much more battle hardened than he used to.

Enemies and Rival(s):

Rival: Fuki, Ken

Rival: Hirayama, Aisu

Enemy: *Secret one*

Enemy: All Yuki.

Enemy: Fukui, Yuzuto

Enemy: Bam the Crow!!!

Enemy: All Hyuuga.

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