Present Day Kaede

Kaede was born in Sunagakure, daughter of a merchant couple that majored in selling weaponry and herbal medicine. Due to her unusual "dead" eyes, pale skin, and dirt colored hair, Kaede was bullied by other children in the village--and received the nickname of "The Lonesome Coyote." Her life took a turn for the worst after the destruction of Suna which lead to her parent's death, and an newfound independent life style in the dysfunctional ruins of Suna. Additionally, during Suna's destruction Kaede recieved multiple wounds that left scars all along her body, and she bares a large visable scar across her neck. Though most villagers up and left after Suna's downfall, Kaede remained behind due to her unfamiliarity of life outside the village and inexperience.

Due to these tramas, Kaede is often seen as socially dysfunctional by never getting too close to people and often enough wears a frown.

"Kaede is a small slim girl who wears a lonely expression. Across her neck she bears a visable large red stitched wound, joined together by many others which are spread across her body often hidden by her clothing. Her eyes are an unusual colouring: small black pupils, and yellow irides. Additionally, her eye sockets are bordered by a faint gray color which mistakingly makes her seem exhausted to others."

Year 695

5 years after Suna's destruction, Keade lived independently on the streets often resorting to thievery and luck in order to survive. Sometime after the village re-established, she was approached by Moshiki and offered the opportunity to become a Shinobi which she accepted in order to escape her current peasant lifestyle.

Roughly a month after being privately tutored by Moshiki and other squad members; Kaede succeeds in managing to become a Genin.

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