Akira kaguya by astridmeyerlove-d5t17x7

Kaguya, Trina

"Selfless Service and Extreme Loyalty resembles a True Shinobi" ~Kaguya, TrinaPe


Trina stands at five foot five. She weighs ninety lbs. She is athletic with a thin build. She has long white hair, with two red dot’s decorating her forehead. She is often seen wearing open clothing, or clothing with stains of red and holes within them. Her eyes are a deep purple with a clod gaze. There is a single scar along her abdomen, a scar from her fight with her teacher Varito.


Trina was born into the kaguya clan during the early years of the shinobi world. Her brother Kaito was her inspiration to become a shinobi.  Though she procrastinated during the first major ninja boon she has recently made an appearance in the ninja world. Trina claims herself as the new head of the Kaguya since the death of her cousin, and oppressor, Kaya, Kaguya. No longer a shinobi. Trina has lived quietly in the mineing town south of konoha untill recently. Shetried moving into konoha and was forceing back to Kiri for standing trial for being a traitor. It was none other then her own cousin, and current head of the Kaguya, Reiko that came to retreive her.

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