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Kirigakure Medical Corp. is stationed in the mists of Kirigakure.  Kirigakure is known for its very beautiful nurses and shinobi [excluding Raiko]. They are coveted by fellow villages greatly!


Head of Hospital

  • Saika, Kei

Shinobi Medics

Doctor's Assistants

  • Hoshigaki, Raiko (Deceased)

Nurses [NPC]

Notable Information

Kirigakure Hospital is currently undergoing construction... of sorts. The East room has recently lovely been redecorated by a bombing and the front entry has been bombed as well. Further there are modifications being made to the hospital as a whole to expand it into a second floor.

During your stay at Kirigakure Hospital take luxury in our beautiful nurses attending to your wounds and healing** the pain to full recovery!

 *Medical bills are asked to sign and payment is requested at a later date to ensure the advancement of care in Kirigakure Hospital and its Corp.

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