Kirigaya,Kazuto training in the rain.

Kazuto Kirigaya, the current head of the Kirigaya clan is a swordsman originating from Kirigakure no Sato. He is not exactly known there since he had been travelling for two years in search of his currently missing friend. He returned to Kirigakure only after a chance meeting with his sister Kirigaya,Yoru. Who informed him of the disease that their mother eventually died from.


Kazuto is normally seen wearing all black clothing. Rarely would you see him without the silver cross around his neck.(More detailed later.Maybe)


He is generally calm and lacks emotion when he speaks, thinks or acts. He cares for peace in the world, yet he has a dark side to himself when he wishes to hold onto that peace. Kazuto is a cold and collected person who would not hesitate to kill someone if it was for the sake of his family or whatever his loyalty is tied to at the current moment. 


Kazuto was born in the village of Kirigakure along with his twin sister Yoru and they lived together with their family. A couple years later their younger brother Shota was also an addition to the family. They all grew up happily in the village, with Kazuto eventually joining the academy he learned the ways of becoming a ninja. His siblings however decided to relax during this time and they stayed at home helping their parents and enjoying the peaceful life. Kazuto spent his time at the academy improving his skills as a swordsman and he found a friend while he was there. Shukada Shido was the boys name and the two of them trained and practiced together, for a while it seemed it would be a life long friendship until tragedy struck when the village was under alert a unknown assailant was attacking at random inside of the village. Shukada went missing during this time and Kazuto left the village in search of him, finding himself inside of the village of Konohagakure. From there he became a citizen of Konoha and even joined their ranks as a Shinobi, helping out wherever he could in the village. He stayed behind during the Chuunin exams because he was in holding for questioning about the murders that had befallen the village in the weeks before the event but this never came to pass as the mansion was set aflame by the Rogue Uchiha,Godric. Luckily he was saved by Oyashiro who burst through and carried him out through the flames. From there he regained the trust of those in the village at the time, and started to gather information from his times of guarding the gate. Through that information, he helped warn the village and its temporary leader Oyashiro of incoming danger and possible threats to the village. (To be Continued)


Kirigaya, Yuuto​



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