The Kirigaya family is only worthy of unsheathing a blade. Others, Perish! ~Kirigaya, Yoru

~Backround Story~

Yoru 1

Yoru as a young child.

Yoru came from a large clan known as the Kirigaya. The Kirigaya clan specialize in blades such as katana and wakizashis. However, this tradition was passed down to males. Women would become shinobi, or stay captive as private wives for the male members. Unfortunately, Yoru had no chakra to use. So she decided to fight another way. At the age of twelve, she decided to become a shinobi. Although she was a female, she dreamed of becoming a swordsman. Her father forbid it and told her not to disgrace the family name with her petty dreams. With her dream deterred, she knew what she wanted to do. She always had an affinity for ranged fighting, and trained with bow and arrows shortly afterwards. Her accuracy was still bad for a child, but better than others her age. It took a lot of precision to make a bow, so she had to be very careful . She nutured it as a family member and let no one touch it; but sometimes caution fails. One misfortunate day, she came home to a broken bow; the bow split in half. She lost hope in archery dream and became a normal Kirigaya female.

Tthe rest is to be written.

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