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Klodovik, the rather large parrot companion of Ayasune.

Raah! Spread your legs! Raah!

Klodovik is a parrot familiar of Kirigakure, known affectionately to some as "Beak Beak".


Klodovik lived along side his good master Saheem, the ex-pirate genin of Kirigakure. The term master was used loosely because truly the parrot wore the feathers in their interesting relationship. Soon after Saheems suspected death Klodovik found his way onto the shoulder of his new master Ayasune.

Masters of the one true bird




Unknown, but it is assumed they are all-consuming in their devastation.

Ss (2014-01-17 at 06.22.07)

Klodovik displaying his mastery over the art of disguise.

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