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Kikyo's journey started as a younging. As a child she came from the village of Sunagakure, her mother had passed away while giving birth to her in the deserts.  She is currently sixteen now and she has finally enrolled into the Konohagakure Academy where she hopes to become a Genin of the leaf village. 


Kikyo is a very independent girl who likes to keep to herself as much as she possibbly can. It is very rare that she asks anyone for help and she usually stays out of everyones buisness. She is very alert about the people around her, and is constantly analyzing her surrondings with her watchful eyes. Due to previous events in her life she doesn't like letting anyone getting too emotionally attached to her. Most of all, she doesn't like the idea of people caring for her. She tries to push people away if she feels they're growing too close. Ultimately, she is a very quiet and observant girl. Quick to the jump on recognizing things out of order along with being a extremely hardworker. Capable of pushing herself past her limits through sheer motivation and effort, she refuses to give up on the goals she sets for herself. 


Kikyo was originally destined to be a ninja of Sunagakure. But due to the unfortunate mishap of her mother passing away she somehow ended up being raised by a group of traveling merchants whom she loved just like her parents. Kikyo had always expressed how much she wanted to be a Shinobi as a child, constantly taking the weapons from her adoptive father and mother. Training with the weapons as a child she began to love the art of 
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being a ninja, sometimes she would come across ninja who would buy weaponry from her 'father'. Considering she was always traveling through the forest to go from village to village, she managed to bond with the nature as well. This being where she got her actual nickname as the "Redhawk". When she was a mere seven years old, Kikyo had a encounter with a Red-Tailed Hawk who left her with a wound across her stomach. She nearly died from the expeirence but due to getting swift medical attention she was able to walk out of the scenario with her life. Not only that but in remeberance of the event she has 3 deep gashes across her stomach, scars from the Hawk's Talons. Plus it's the main reason Kikyo is so secretive about her stomach, refusing to even where a bathing suit or go to public spas.  

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