What little history they did have has died off with its predecessors, leaving it up to the new generation to make history for the clan, and to become reknown just as the other clans have.

All members of the clan bear the mark of it somewhere on their body. The color of said mark varies, but is always the same shape and design, aside from in higher-ups in which it somewhat larger for some reason, and at certain times of the year will even flicker faintly with their chakra.      

During the full-moon, as the head has discovered, they will feel a sudden desire to have the oddest of things. Raw-meat, thick and slow moving fluids, and if they can get their hands on it, blood. As a medic, Amelina has no issue getting this and stafing off the odd hunger in secret. No one ever noticed that she may be slightly paler than normal in a village filled to the brim with others like her.    But other than that, she was just like everyone else.  

Noteable Members

Lunette, Jade (Amelina)  (Head) : A very, very skilled medical shinobi in Kirigakure.  Has lost many people in her lifetime, and even that of her father, the last member of the clan aside from her and her sister currently.  

Shantotto Lunette: Sister of Jade Lunette, she decided not to become a ninja, and rather strived to become a skilled blacksmith to help her village. Recently has gone missing. It is unknown whether or not she is dead.

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