Tobias Senju (千手'トビアス Senju Tobias), born Tobias Itaruzaki (イタルザキトビアス Itaruzaki Tobias), is a shinobi from Konohagakure. A descendant of the Senju clan. Despite being young, he possesses

TS Tobi

Current Tobias

the Will he has inherited, displayed through his teal eyes that seek out hope inspite of the chaos that wakes around him, and through his name. In his early years, he was commonly associated with the status of being an orphan, not an uncommon thing in Konohagakure, but around the age of ten, he was adopted by Meiyo, Jess; he commonly referred to her as Kaasan-Sensei before later calling her plainly 'Mum' and his other mother, Seria, 'Mom'. He has adapted a British dialect from his deceased mother, Jess.

Tobias now addresses himself as Tobias Meiyo, born Itaruzaki, of the Senju clan.


Tobias Senju was born and raised within the walls of Konohagakure; however the raising aspect was majority down in response to his environment. At the age of five, his parents were called into action during the war, and died during a surprise attack upon their station. When Tobias was told, he rejected it, and waited for his parents to return; Death was not a concept he could understand at that age, so he rejected it- - the thoughts of losing people closest to him, it was not within his reality.


A young Tobias; when receiving word that his parents had died.

However, when the war was over and done, surviving families reconnecting and rejoicing, and other grieving he just stood there at the Main Gate awaiting to be picked up by his mother and play around with strands of her lovely pink hair, or for his father to also pick him up and toss him in the air playfully-- but they never came. It was that moment when he learned of Death. He was left his parent's house, it was not a home, but a house. This caused him to rarely enter it, he preferred to spend majority of his time inside the Academy reading and watching senior students graduate. Around the age of eight, when he first enrolled in Konohagakure's Academy, Tobias was appointed a guardian due to his young age; it was then he met Mister Kane, his childhood guardian. Despite having someone looking over him when he was at the Academy, he still felt the absense of his parents lingering over him. Overtime, the loneliness had built up inside him and displayed its domination in his eyes; they looked of despair, but had a glimmer of hope within the darkness, displayed by the teal irises. He never likes to show his true emotions, in fear of being consumed by that loneliness that haunts him.


          Tobias has shown to be a kind and compassionate character, as a child, with a deep sense of loyalty and understanding of reason and logic. Immediately following the deaths of his parents and the reality of the world he lived in, his personality went astray, though he kept his once-true personality to hide his true motives and feelings. There has always existed an internal struggle within him that provoked him into wanting to gain power. He pushedy when it comes to getting stronger to better himself to protect the world's innocence it has left-- whether he is protecting himself or those closest to him has yet to be decided--in his training. 

    In his tween years his personality changes, or rather adapts, to his environment and the personalities of others, in an attempt to fully understand those he is associating himself with. His time spent within Konohagakure's Academy, he displayed a warm side of himself to his classmates; though some of them were actually infuriating to him and did not really deserve even his false smiles, he rejected the idea of letting anyone inside his mind, fearing it would be too damaging for both parties.

            Into his teen years, he has become a lot more formal, commonly using archaic diction. He is not hesitant to smile towards people he feels warmth around. His personality is less cynical, yet always the realist he has grown to be. Never to put himself in the center of attention, as he enjoys spending his time away from society to indulge in what makes him happiest. Tobias has grown to show affections towards Homika, after Jess had died; he became more protective over her in his slow realization that he is learning to love; insinuated by the break of his formal tone when around her, as he switches to a more informal one, and always feeling at home and uneasy around her. Other than that, he typically keeps to his own, never discussing how he truly feels.



Tobias at the ages of 4-7

         Tobias is a fair-skinned shinobi who has teal eyes and his blue hair that reaches to separated into bangs of medium-length. He was barely average height for his age. Due to his youth, his face was always boyish, sometimes even girly, as they were quick to become rosy, and he was lacking and sign of a masculine jaw structure. As a young child, his developing bangs went to the left of his face, and the hair colour was much more lighter; representing his innocence. He also began to wore more formal attire, as it made his mother happy to see her son looking formal wherever they went, and eventually it became his everyday attire, even following after the deaths of his parents-- possibly as a way to feel connected to her everyday.  

         'When he entered Konohagakure's Academy at an early age, his hair and eyes had gotten slightly darker, resembling a shade greener shade of teal. Not only did just his and hair color change, but his bangs seemed to now curve around his cheeks, differing from the mess he had as a child. A month after training as a full-fledged Academy Student, his height grew to 5'0, though still considered short by the older students, though his physique had become much more attractive than a boy-ish one.


Tobias in his tween years donning Konohagakure's Academy's uniform.<b>

        In Tobias' tween years, a lot of his appearance has changed, or rather he regained what he had lost over the years. His hair color has embraced its familiar light blue color, mixing with the green, his eyes once engulfed in darkness; one could say it was a physical change due to his environment. However, it still radiated a glimmer of hope through his perfectly, teal eyes, and his bangs as fully transitioned to the right side of his face; indicating a new change in direction for his life. 


A teenaged Tobias, donning his teal-trimmed Senju cloak.

 In his teen years, his hair had progressed into its natural, light blue colour; his eyes display a brilliant teal to radiant his surroundings. Insinuating the years to come with his family have been peaceful and insightful, as the blackened portion of his eyes wither to allow the iris to dominate. His bangs have adjusted to the center of his face, habitually covering his right eye. He commonly dons his normal teal-trimmed cloak the bears the Senju insignia on the back. He has grown to be about five feet and seven and a quarter inches; a normal height for a male of his age; his weight is normal, as he is built lean and agile.

In-Game Storyline

Academy Story - Chapter One - June

          One day, while training inside the Academy with a sparring mate, a hooded girl greeted them at the sidelines of the sparring mat; since he was unable to look in the direction of who was addressing them, he mistakenly responded back to her called her a 'Mister.' The girl then proceeded to remove her hood and state her sex and name: Zuria Nara. After the match was over with Tobias' victory, he looked over to apologize, but no one was there to receive it, so he just sat against a wall and relaxed a bit, becoming bored since he source of entertainment had been defeated. An hour later, while he was deep in though, he felt a slightly kick by someone, and when he looked up he met the intense gaze of a blonde-haired girl, around his age. The intense gaze did not faze him negatively; in fact, he was intrigued by the towering girl above him, causing him to return to his feet. At first, he did not recognize her, but her voice was what struck him. Tobias apologized profusely. She accepted it, and soon after they began hanging out for that entire day; which eventually led to them heading towards Tobias' house-- one that he does not feel like is a home, but simply a house. He also learned that Zuria had been alone as well; it was there and then did they decide on their living arrangements, she would move in with him.

The following day, everything changed, the Demon Summonings had attacked Konohagakure, causing Tobias to become separated from Zuria. It was later that night, hours of desperately worrying, did he faintly see Zuria run off after bringing his group a new member-- It did not makes sense, why didn't she stay, Tobias wondered for the duration of that tragic event. He has not seen Zuria since; this house is just not a home.

Academy Story - Chapter Two - July

          It had been two weeks since Zuria had been seen by Tobias; he once saw her running from the Town Square, but ever since the trail has gone cold. In addition to the stress of losing someone he uncharacteristically allowed to become close to him, he had to deal with Lord Jakuchu, who had previously decreed that there will no longer be any more Genin examinations because of the irresponsibility and back-boneless of the predeceasing generation before Tobias'. For a week, this has stung all of Konohagakure's Academy Students, but it hurt Tobias the most. He was not willing to just let even the Hokage halt him from progressing as a shinobi, it was his way of connecting to his father. A village-wide meeting was called by Lord Jakuchu on July 6th of that year, and Tobias figured it was to address the Genin examination-- to his dismay the Hokage had ignored it, deeming it not worth his time. With the pack of other Academy Students, Tobias headed outside to the Town Square to take it all in, becoming more agitated by the Hokage.

      Once outside, it started to rain; though Tobias loves the rain and the moody behavior people adjust to in it, he could not get into high spirits over the incident. He felt as though the Hokage made an inconsequent decree. Later that night, in the wake of all the thoughts of how people can betray the better interest of the community, and himself, Tobias began reevaluating his friends.  

The Wayward Child - Chapter One - A New Direction

          Tobias has always been direct when it came to something he wanted immediately, and the something he wanted most of was to become proficient in kenjutsu-- only one problem, he could not find a master. There was an instance in which he asked a woman by the name of Mya if she knew where he could obtain a katana, and to his surprise she responded to the child; however, the response itself was the greatest surprise to the young boy, Miss Mya had told him to kill someone wielding a katana to obtain one. Tobias found that uncharacteristic for a samurai--based on the knowledge he had ascertained.

  Soon, Tobias figured he should locate a bokken to begin training himself in the knowledge he observed and practice that was demonstrated by samurai that visited and held a seminar for kenjutsu. His close friend Blade offered him one, and he gladly accepted it; and thus, he began his training in the basic stances-- soon becoming proficient in them, and requiring a greater challenge.

  One day, while pondering for a master, he'd ask the man that he fashioned to be his 'older sibling' figure,   Zetma, Scyezo-- or Mister Zetma. Tobi was then directed to either asking a Miss Kitai, a stranger, or Mister Isaac, the man whom he purchased a katana from after the combined efforts of his friends and caretaker Mister Kane. Tobias soon found out that Mister Isaac did not teach, so he was directed towards Miss Kitai, whom he for some odd reason did not want to ask. As he progressed towards the Lake to rest, he came across Miss Jess, causing him to formerly ask her to train him, which she agreed to do. Jess instructed him to seek her out the next day to begin training.

  The next day rolled around, and he was more than excited to seek her out; unfortunately, he was advised by Mister Zetma that she left towards the Iron Temple for more supplies. He grew anxious and decided to sneak out to meet up with the venturing Jess-Sensei; he, of course, told Mister Zetma about his actions-- that did not go so well, as he told him that he wouldn't be involved in seeing a ten-year old off to meet up with someone-- Mister Zetma never mentioned that he wasn't 'allowed' to, just said he was against the idea. So, naturally, the boy snuck out and caught up with his Jess-Sensei. 

  They arrived at the Iron Temple, which had lain in ruins. This devastated his sensei, he had never seen someone break down the way she did. The night was lit when an animal named Inuki arrived, it had led the way into the Temple; the trio had spent the night there for Jess-Sensei's sake, before heading out the next morning. During the night, while Jess-Sensei was silently crying over the loss of her Home, Tobias reassured her that her Home is where her heart was; that seems to have cheered her up enough for the water-works to stop. He proceeded to talk to Inuki, calling him a Cat, and tried to get him to 'Meow', but he barked. Tobias' eyes widen at the discovery that Inuki was a divine animal, the CatDog, capable of both meowing and barking-- from them on, Inuki is referred to as 'CatDog' by the boy.

The Wayward Child - Chapter Two - Are You My Mummy?

          On the way back from the Iron Temple, Tobias and his Jess-Sensei took a break, which erupted into a demonstration on his abilities in the stances he has learned from the seminar he had attended. She complimented, sort of, on his understanding on the basic stances. She would proceed to evaluate his skills in actual combat, she'd soon discover that he was lacking in that department. Following the conclusion of their spar, Tobias found himself extremely outclassed and had began to realize how weak he was compared to that of people in the world and of his village.

  While walking with Jess-Sensei, he'd recall how he felt when he was near her, how the emptiness within him seems to become nonexistent-- Tobias would forget his troubles when he was with his sensei. This epiphany prompted him to tug at her attire, as he would normally do to attain her attention, and propose that she become his 'Kaasan', or Mom, he'd know he wouldn't be able to replace his deceased mother; however, with each passing day Tobias' memory of her becomes faint, only recalling hr pink hair, a vibrant shade that made him recall his hair color. Jess-Sensei began to consider it as they continued to travel along the road.

  They'd arrive at the Northern Temple, where Tobias spent half a week there, and to his surprise he had been reconnected with his friend Blade. He was happy since he has not seen her since he became a Genin in August; simply thrilled, he asked her for a spar to see how far she had progressed. At the conclusion of the bout, he surrendered with a charming smile; Tobias had enjoyed the sparring session. The next day, he had packed his bags and prepared to head out towards Konoha. After hours of traveling alone, the boy came to the hole in the side of the Western Wall, there he encountered Mister Zetma, and they began to talk. Eventually, he'd hint that he was gone, and Mister Zetma question where his location, prompting Tobias to remind Mister Zetma about the time when he said he was heading to meet up with Miss Jess. Zetma, a tad bit angry, informed Tobias that leaving the village is illegal without permission from a higher-up, knowledge he was never taught. Tobi was let off the hook for this incident, and frustrated with the idea that he would have to search for a new sensei that is available within the walls of Konoha. Tobias felt, for the first time, anger towards the village because of the ridiculous laws; so much so, he decided that he will one day reform the village as Hokage.

    After a few days of unpacking his immediate belongs, he went to the Town Sqaure of Konohagakure to rest for a while. Tobias encountered CatDog at the Square, the divine animal seemed to be carrying a letter intended for the Hokage. The letter was legal documentation of the Great Northern Temple that Tobias was legally adopted by Meiyo, Jess, and was seeking confirmation that he would be allowed joint-residence in both villages. Immediately, Tobias made it his first priority to see the letter to the Hokage; unfortunately, he could not find him on his own, so he though giving the letter to Mister Zetma would speed up the process, as he is always around the Hokage. The letter itself shocked Zetma, and he told the boy he would see that the Hokage gets it. Tobias nodded and went about his merry way, placing his hopes in Mister Zetma.

The Wayward Child - Chapter Three - The End to the Beginning

          Officially named 'Tobias Meiyo', a new light had been radiating from the ten year old, he was happy with his new mothers, adoring them both; he had just one dilemma, he needed permission to leave and enter his home as frequently as his heart had desired, as well as the desires of his mothers. It was at this time he grew accustomed to the girl that his mother, Jess, had been kind towards; her names was Homika, Homika Senju. She was like the female counterpart of Tobias, from physical appearance to exceptions in personality traits. Despite the hardships that could be insinuated about her tiny frame, she was the embodiment of a lost childhood Tobias never had, as he had been raised academically. And yet, the first reception was not a favoring one; the slightly older male took it as an intrusion to his stable life. He was internally selfish, never having made his true emotions recognized towards the girl. His mothers were his own--this was his happiness.

  While his mothers were out and about during their samurai business, he was left to make a connection with her; thoughts of considering her his sister plagued his mind, but it never really stuck--there had been something about her, he could never relate her to the role of his sitster; nonetheless, his emotions towards her were solid, he assumed the older brother role--not truly knowing what the roles entailed, being an only child of both families he has been apart of-- towards Homika. Eventually, Homika and Tobias decided to confront Lord Leon, the Second Hokage, together and ask for permission to enter and exit the Leaf Village; or as they put in "studying abroad". Lord Leon has always been elusive when the topic involving Tobias and his company was involved, and it took the ambushing him near the breach to get his full attention. 

  The scene had consisted of Kiana, Leon, Tobias, Scyezo, Homika, and Jess. The gathering of these individuals had finally occurred--thought Kiana was not needed in the gathering, she served only to pester the party, inconsequence to Jess being there. Kiana bears an impartial bias towards the samurai--well, to be fair, to anything. She was unstable and was only out and about due to her ties with Lord Leon. The topic of the day was the question that been requested for at least a month. Homika led the vanguard in asking for permission, but was turned down; a fuel to the fire that burned in Tobias, as he unleashed an academic-fueled rant, displaying his vocabulary and appealing to the lost concept of Konoha being a family. Leon did not buy it--becoming known by the young Tobias as 'The Lost Hokage', the one to abandon the values of Lord Jakuchu, the First Hokage. Upon hearing the words of Homika pleading to be allowed to leave, in her emotional rant, Zetma forbade her to leave. He threatened to drag her back no matter where she had ventured off to; causing an emotional breakdown--giving way to Lord Leon requesting from Jess to leave them be until a later conversation. 

  Tobias was disappointed with young Hokage, as he lost hope in him at this age. Homika had been whisked away in her emotional breakdown, and Tobias following his mum before breaking away to go to sleep.

The Cataclysmic Year - Chapter One - For Whom the Bell Tolls

          With the marking of the new year, 695, Tobias and his family had gathered, partially, as his mother, Seria, had important business at the Northern Temple. The gathering was Inuki, Homika, and Tobias; they conversed of how they wished for Jess to came visit them more often. This lead into an awkward conversation of how Tobias was supposed to hug his mum first, as he raised an eyebrow to question why didn't she do the same in a taunting retort--he was flicked before hugged by his mum. She had brought him the gift of minerals she had collected in her absence, for Tobias wanted a specific cloak made; this caused him to hug his mother once more. A few days came and gone and just like that Jess announced she had to leave for the mining village as was the duty of the samurai; his mom would thought to have been entirely healed, but would later discover she did not recover as well as she thought she had.

  It had been the norm for this fourteen year old as he saw his mother off, turning about to head back into the village to train his kenjutsu as he would normally have done in the morning. His longer, light blue hair caressed his head, teal eyes more dominate in a vibrant color now, and he was taller than before. He passed the square, his designation being the basement of the Academy, which was closed for quite a deal of time. 

  An odd feeling set in his mind, for his mum had not returned in weeks; though she said she would have returned in a matter of days to a singular week. Tobias sought out Homika to see what she thought, and she began to raise suspicion along with Tobias; prompting the duo to confront Inuki to see if he could track Jess' whereabouts, conveying their concern to the family's familiar. Over the years Inuki had learned to vocalize his thoughts. He calmed them down, telling them he had spoken to Jess recently and she was doing fine. While this transpired, some male of Tobias' age grouping approached Homika, attempting to court her; triggering a defensive mechanism in Tobias. His actions would be of a typical brother, but it was only justification; he never confronted his true feelings for Homika, and never allowed the notion of his mum's ward to be in a weird perspective as that in his mind. Tobias knew subconsciously something was amiss with Inuki, but told his familiar that he would put his faith in him. They carried on with their day.

  Days to a week later, Jess still nowhere to be found, Tobias was at the gate guarding with his friend Taka. Suddenly, his mum's disciple Sakume approached him, telling him to follow her. They would arrive at Ryuuko's house, there, Inuki, Ryuuko, Homika, and an exiting Kazuro. Tobias was quiet by the gathering off the room; it was there and then his world shook--he was alerted that his mum had been missing. He became enraged in the wake of his devastation, as he suspicions had been correct; Tobias was angry that they all sat there and gathered him before departing to search for her. In the heat of the moments ahead, he accused Inuki of lying to him, Homika for not caring enough about his mum, and dismissed Sakume entirely--he was prepared to strike her with his katana if she dared become an obstacle in his way. It was Inuki, Tobias learning of his now mute condition, interjected the boy. Ryuuko talked Tobias down as Homika fainted. Tobias and Homika had been told that the shinobi of the Leaf and Kiri, along with the samurai, were planning to save Jess from Seimu and company. Both of them had been confined in that house for about a week, and in the metamorphosis did Tobias know--he knew his mum was dead. His eyes lacked life alike his state before finding happiness; he had retreated into his subconscious and existed in the shattered ruins in meditation, as his outer-self held dominion.

  Eventually, they were allowed to go; they tried to cheer him up with stating that they would be in the care of Mister Zetma, but Tobias declined hastefully, he did not wish to receive a consolation prize, Zetma and Tobias had grown apart since his days as a young Genin, and he could not fill the void left by his mum. He excommunicated himself from his world for a month and some off weeks; not speaking to Inuki nor Homika. He thought of committing seppuku with the wakizashi Jess had bestowed upon him in his coming of age. He wasn't strong enough to follow through. Tobias returned home, not taking off his shoes, much alike his mum did and he scold her playfully about it. It was there Tobias held a conversation with himself, expecting to hear his mum's voice, or see the door slide opening and her to enter through with a charming smile. The door had opening, and to his surprise it was his mother, Seria, who had returned to snap Tobias out of his regression. He found comfort in knowing there existed someone that understood his pain. She had been brave for both of them, all while, hiding away her pain momentarily for Tobias.

  Upon reawakening, he set out to correct those who he hurt; he confronted Inuki, later giving him the choice to pursue a new life or stay with him, and was happy to still have his CatDog at his side. The repentance teenager sought out Ryuuko to see if he had remained in contact with Sakume, as they had been friendly towards each other. Ryuuko promised to alert her than Tobias was looking for her. The next challenge was Homika; the hardest one yet. His words to her were unkind and cruel, this he knew now. He'd reach out towards June Yamanaka, not fully telling her about his reason for needing to see her, but he was eventually led towards the sleeping Homika. 

  When she had awakened, he was reminded of his remorse and regret. He apologized profusely to the girl, soon managing to get her to forgive him and open up to him. They both shared the same pain, but she harbored a curse that came suit with her pain. It wasn't until the incident with the knife, did he realize he had to protect Homika from now on. He pledged to Homika that he would always be at her side, to save her from loneliness, to eradicate her curse because he loved her; and upon uttering his words, he began to know how he really felt, but could never express it enough. He would be content with being near her.

Trivia - (Slowly being Updated.)

Direct Translations

First Name - Tobias: The first kanji in his name means Fly, the second means Beautiful, the third means Wild, and the fourth means Child'

Last Name(s) - Senju: Of a Thousand Skills

Itaruzaki: The first kanji in his name means Will, the second means Plenty, the third means Flow, the fourth means Sitting, and the fifth means Spirit.

Meiyo: Honour

  • Tobias did not experience much of a childhood, before his adoption, and found comfort in shopping for new attire.
  • He mixes up the animals of canines and felines; giving them qualities of the opposing species.
  • Shared his first kiss with Homika.

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