Symbols by Gold Paladincopy

The Nazora clan is a clan that are established within the Village hidden in the Sand, in the wind country. They are notable for their dilating pupils, and intelligent clan members. These dilating pupils happen upon great concentration, or stress mentally, and is uncontrollable towards the clan members, it has yet to be pronounced as a genetic defect or gracious gift.


Currently the members of the Nazora clan have no idea of any abilities that they may or may not have due to a large population of them being killed, however in the future they may find out.

Notable Clan Members

Jei Shoden Kumogakure ninja by adekun

Nazora, Naleo

Nazora, Naleo (dead)

Takai (Alive, unknowing member)


A large mass of the Nazora clan has been wiped out, either due to missions or they have simply died from old age. These days, in this current age, most of the clan lives simple lives as fishermen, or other household jobs. Only a several few have taken it upon themselves to once more suit up and challenge the world as shinobi of the Village Hidden In The Sand.

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