Sakume is a samurai-in-training.

Birth and Early Life

Sakume was born in Konoha to a married couple of the same village. Her father died when she was an infant in a mining accident, and her mother quickly became ensconsed at her work teaching non-shinobi children the basics. Sakume's aunt took over raising her. The redheaded pair could often be scene eating icecream by the lake or playing hide and seek in one of the housing districts. When Sakume turned fourteen, her aunt passed away from unknown medical complications. 

Left basically alone with a mother to work heavy to care, Sakume began thinking out what her life should be like in the future. She had heard stories about the elusive samurai and wondered about joining their corps. On her sixteenth birthday she was lucky enough to stumble upon a samurai willing to take her on as an apprentice if she could prove her worth. Sakume, ready to get going, gave the trivial test her all and passed... entering into her apprenticeship with flying colors and a stubborn ambition.



Nihara, Sakume in the white world of winter.

The Nihara girl has a pointy chin that comes off her full face, something she will grow into. Her red-orange hair falls in loose bangs over her forehead and down her cheeks to frame her face. The rest of her long hair is split down the middle and pulled into buns, and the buns are covered with hair ornaments that look like bowls with tassles coming out the bottom. Her eyes are a medium shade of blue. She has small strawberry lips resting under a small nose that would appear to be pointed if the end weren't so rounded. Her brow is high, and typically hidden under her bangs.

The girl's body is typical for her age. She is more lithe than womanly and has only the beginnings of curves. She typically stands with her shoulders back and chest forward, she is quite confidant and doesn't take crap she doesn't think she deserves. Her clothes vary by climate, but usually she is wearing a blue peacoat and baggy black pants over boots. Under the peacoat is a white blouse.

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