Norimori Clan Emblem

The Norimori were a clan that originated within Kirigakure no Sato in the Year 650, although the majority of members were scattered to the other major villages due to numerous conflicts. It was not uncommon to find many Norimori clansmen within non-shinobi vocations, leading many to find success with a career in construction or shopkeeping. Despite being classified as a clan, the Norimori tended to segregate into smaller family groups within villages which in turn lead to a varied and diverse people.

"Norimori" is an amalgamation of two words respectively meaning "dried seaweed" and "serving / helping", making a literal meaning of "a helping / serving of dried seaweed". Both male and female names within the clan were traditionally based around fish or marine mammals, portraying their love and devotion for maritime life.

Registered Clan Members

Kirigakure Family Group:

Norimori, Seiuchi (Mother, Deceased)

Norimori, Gyokawa (Father, Deceased)

Norimori, Kujirasu (Son, Deceased)

Konohagakure Family Group:

Norimori, Karei (Orphan, Deceased)

Sunagakure Family Group:

Norimori-née-Darei, Himiko  (Mother, Deceased)

Norimori, Seiuchi (Father, Deceased)

Norimori, Kurage (Son, Deceased)

Iron Temple Family Group:

Norimori, Hitode (Deceased)

Iwagakure Family Group:

Rogue Members:

Disowned Members:

Clan Information

(Note: This clan is now defunct, although if you wish you may bring it back with your own personal roleplay regardless of village, however certain guidelines on perks apply. As this clan was mainly created with the intent for roleplay potential instead of powergaming, please read below for more information. If you have a spectacular or notable feat that you wish to share please note it down in a similar fashion below. If your character is still living by some innane stretch of disbelief, please refrain from giving out too much detail in order to prevent any major metagaming.)

Historical Feats and Lore
  • The late Norimori, Gyokawa had a distinct affinity towards aquatic wildlife to the point of basic communication akin to an Inuzuka or Hoshigaki. Although this skill is well known within the Norimori clan, It is unknown if this ability is a product of a developing Kekkei Genkai or of individual merit due to none of the other members displaying such an ability.  

No mechanical restrictions or benefits currently; this is purely from a clan lore standpoint.

  • The late Norimori, Kujirasu had displayed an immense feat of physical and mental endurance at the mere age of seven by crossing the desert leading to Sunagakure no Sato whilst under pursuit from Nukenin. His efforts are forgotten within the annals of history, however some within the village still whisper of a strange and disease-ridden child who collapsed at the village gates.  It is unknown if this raw and unrefined endurance is a trait shared amongst the Norimori clan or if Kujirasu was merely blessed with such fierce tenacity.

No mechanical restrictions or benefits currently; this is purely from a clan lore standpoint.

Clan Traits, Abilities and Perks
  • The Norimori clan have an intensely strong bond with their families and clan, causing them to impart their knowledge freely to one another. 

Each clan member has an obligation to teach one another as long as both members are of the same chosen profession. Rank restrictions still apply; you may not learn an A-Rank jutsu without great reason as a Genin, for example. Sprinting to anyone with 'Norimori' as their name without proper RP, relationship building and purpose voids this privilege.

  • The Norimori clan have been noted to have short lives biologically and fatefully. It is exceedingly rare to see an elderly clansman in any walk of life and even rarer for them to die from natural causes.

Clan members have physical and mental maturity than their mechanical statistics, half a decade (five years) older than average. For example, if you are twenty years old you are biologically twenty five. 'If you wish to be seen as a ten year old, please set your age to five upon creation. Likewise, if you wish to be older keep in mind the five year increase in your age. This does not exempt you from the age eight progression barrier; you cannot somehow be a three year old masquerading as an eight year old for perks. Keep it reasonable, people. Trying to clarify this as much as possible as many members have been paging me regarding this trait.

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