Karei Norimori (カレイ。のりもり) was a 10 (15 physically) year-old Citizen of Konohagakure no Sato.   

Karei's current appearance


Karei was a petite and flat-chested girl with a suprising amount of toning and musculature on her body. Her face was nearly always seen with splotches of dried blood, numerous cuts, deep, purple bruises and ever-darkening scars upon her face, giving her a very menacing visage. Behind her battle wounds Karei had icy blue eyes and ashen hair which she tied up at the fringe with a white ribbon bow.

Personality and Behaviour

Karei was a very proud and haughty child who both started and ended fights frequently. She was dauntless and disrespectful to authority, especially to those who cannot prove their worth to her. Despite this Karei tended to form exceedingly strong bonds to those close to her, making her an undyingly loyal friend and team player. Before her death she had tried exceedingly hard to remodel herself to that of a calm, collected and graceful lady although she often slipped into her wild behaviour once provoked or whilst in combat.

Her intelligence was not much to be desired as she solved her problems with brawn rather than brain, however she was noted to be a crafty and dirty fighter who was able to use her environment to her advantage. Although her fighting 'style' was dishonourable Karei had never killed or maimed another person; a small naïvety and unwritten code of conduct in hopes that they will grow stronger along with herself to have many more magnificent battles.


The Bloody Brawler

Karei was born in 689 to an unregistered pair of Norimori clan members in Konohagakure. Wraught with racist stigma due to the Great Shinobi War of 698, her parents supposedly abandoned their newborn child and left the village in order to not subject their daughter to the same fate. Without a strong father or mother figure, Karei grew up practically unnoticed amidst the host of other orphans in the Konohagakure Orphanage. Her parents' plan had worked well; with them out of the picture, Karei had no suspiscions held against her at all in regards to indoctrination or as a planted spy on behalf of Kirigakure no Sato. This saving grace did not have it's issues, however; being in the shadows and ostracised for not having parents caused the young Karei to frequently partake in street fights, brawls and other violent activities. 

At the age of ten Kerei was forced out of the Konohagakure Orphanage and encouraged to join the Konohagakure Academy instead, although the girl had other things on her mind; becoming either famous or infamous in order to validate her existance and get back at those who had taunted her. In doing so, she has made many enemies both human and otherwise, although she thrives upon the attention whether it be positive or negative. It was then that she met Akimichi, Jin who had approached her despite her reputation, even going so far as to care about her wellbeing. This struck a chord with Karei who promply developed a crush on him, causing her to forcefully change her attitude in a more 'lady-like' fashion and join the Konohagakure Academy in order to pursue him.

During her training session however, Karei was assaulted by a cloaked shinobi who ravaged her with lightning, quickly piercing her heart and ending her life abruptly. Her body has not been found.


  •  "Karei" (カレイ) literally means "flounder", a type of fish. Phonetically in English it is also a pun on "curry".
  • Karei had a distinct hatred of dogs as a result of being attacked by Inuzuka ninken without any serious provokation.

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