Kujirasu's current appearance

Kujirasu Norimori (クジラす。のりもり) was a 7 (13 physically) year-old Academy Student of Sunagakure no Sato.


Kujirasu was a small yet toned child with a blend of jet-black black hair and blue eyes. He was often seen wearing a spacious, tattered raincoat in all types of weather.

Personality and Behaviour

Kujirasu was extremely wary and careful around others, although after being under the care of Sunagakure shinobi he had opened up significantly. Despite this, had little to no positive social interaction with other human beings for weeks during his early childhood, leading him to be rather primal and flighty in spontaneous or sudden situations. Whilst far from being a genius Kujirasu devoted himself to one thing before moving on to the next, giving an impression of savantism or obsession.


On The Road

Kujirasu was born on in the Year 692 in the Golden Shore Docks of Kirigakure no Sato to a rather puritanical and traditional family of construction workers who had migrated from Konohagakure no Sato before the outbreak of the First Great Shinobi War. His upbringing was very simple and guarded from the outside world; frequent scoldings and the rare beating due to rude wisecracks or cheeky remarks were the most of his worries. Once the war began to escalate, Kujirasu's parents decided to flee into the wilderness with the toddler in tow, making it across the border of the Land Of Waves with ease under the guise of refugees. During the journey, however, the couple were beset upon by rogue shinobi elements and the small Kujirasu could do little but hide underneath his mother's skirt and play dead in order to survive. With his parents dead in the wilderness and with no prospect of rescue, Kujirasu was forced to survive off the land and wander in search of a new place to call home.

During his journey Kujirasu had encountered many shinobi and observed them from afar, barely scraping by and staying hidden whilst sustaining himself through basic hunting of small animals such as rabbits. After a week of complete exile, he became bold enough to even raid abandoned borderland houses of the Land Of Iron in a desperate grab for supplies. It was there in particular that he was greatly exposed to human mortality yet again; an entire village of rotting corpses strung up upon the highway which deepened his already open mental wounds. With no luck at finding a community to take him in, Kujirasu latched onto to the mumblings of a village within the Land Of Wind and set off in high hopes despite the dangers of the desert.

After a few days of travel, Kujirasu was able to cross the desert with immense effort, just barely making it to the Sunagakure no Sato gates before collapsing. He was quickly rescued by the stationed guards and shielded from the elements before being allowed entry into the village, giving him both a home and identity as a citizen of Sunagakure.

Sunagakure No Sato

Kujirasu made very few friends in Sunagakure, the most prominent and best being a young shinobi named Kovian. He would often speak to and about him constantly and without pause for days on end, leading him to become his most trusted companion. As another week passed Kujirasu was able to nab a small spot in the Sunagakure Academy as a junior student, accomplishing very little yet impressing his teachers due to his age.

One fateful day he was invited to join a mining trip in which Kovian was also attending. He accepted with high spirits, however the expedition had left without him but a day later. Frustrated and worried that his only friend had left without him, the young boy could be seen daily prowling the gates and walls for the slightest hint of their return. Days past with no news, causing Kujirasu to abandon the Academy and set off in search of Kovian.

He never returned.


  •  "Kujirasu" (クジラす) is an amalgamation of two words respectively meaning "whale" and "sandbank", making a literal meaning of "sandbank whale".

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