Kurage Norimori (クラゲ。のりもり) was a 10 (15 biologically and mentally) year-old Genin of Sunagakure no Sato


Kurage's current appearance


Kurage was a small and underweight child with black hair and orange eyes; his most striking feature. As a result of his Norimori heritage, he both appeared and acted far older than his official age which confused many who saw his records greatly. His usual attire was a lime-green hoodie which he wore to make himself stand out, however it never seemed to work.

Personality and Behaviour

Before his induction into the Sunagakure Academy Kurage was a quiet and delicate child, however he soon flourished into a more calm, focused and confident individual. He preferred to talk his way out of hostile situations rather than beating away his opposition, making him one of the more self-composed and sensible residents of Sunagakure. Upon first glance he appeared shy and withdrawn yet Kurage tended to operate under the 'seen and not heard' mantra, only speaking back and not actively pursuing lengthy conversation unless the person is more than a passing acquaintance. The boy couldn't be considered a social butterfly, however he was passively on the search for a couple of precious friends. 


The Academy

Kurage was born on 9th June Year 689 into an ordinary family, his father being a 'lower-caste' Norimori shinobi of Sunagakure who had fought against his own bretheren in the war and his mother a struggling florist and housewife. He had a decent upbringing in relative calm despite the ravages of war, and miraculously his father had also survived and returned home albeit far too wounded to continue his duties as a shinobi.

Upon the encouragement of his father, Kurage reluctantly enrolled into the Sunagakure Academy as a junior student in order to mete out a living in this war-torn era. During his first few weeks the boy struggled immensely with learning how to perform techniques; despite his natural gift for chakra control he unknowingly suffers from Acute Chakra Coil Disorder (ACCD) and is therefore cursed with a very miniscule pool from which to draw his chakra from. He attempted to shore up his weaknesses by focusing upon bukijutsu as well as sharpening his raw logic and sense of tactics through image training.

The Shinobi

Passing his Genin exam with flying colours, Kurage was able to attain the rank with ease and be placed into more important duties. Guarding gates, patrolling and even the odd bandit-bashing were where he excelled greatly. Despite all of his work and constant, dilligent training of his abilities, the boy was unable to progress amidst a slew of insubordination in the higher ranks, lack of attention to attrition from the rival villages and eventual collapse of the command structure entirely.

Regardless of the circumstances, he continued to serve many more years under the fragile governing of a series of Kazekage, eventually dying as a proud yet unknown Genin of Sunagakure in a brash powerplay by his superiors as many shinobi are destined to.


  •  "Kurage" (クラゲ) literally means "jellyfish".
  • Kurage suffered from Acute Chakra Coil Disorder (ACCD). This is a less invasive version of Rock Lee's condition and it cannot be cured with modern shinobi medical techniques.
  • Kurage's favourite pastimes included playing basketball, reading and stone skipping.

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