Uchiha Madara Cloak by d1v1ded

A list of currently notable individuals in Era of the Shinobi and their respective common titles.

Notable Individuals

Name Title
Uchiha, Ryka The Red Claw
Kurou The Builder


Name Title
Leon Konoha's Crimson Fist
Goukai King Goomba
Inuzuka, Ayasune The Iron Fang


Name Title
Jusu, Senri The Mindflayer
Asakura, Yuu'Ine The Helm Splitter


Name Title
Honjo, Xanxus The Cutting Wind
Noboru The Sand Devil
Uchiha, Rin The Next Mindweaver

Famous Criminals

Name Rank Bounty
Kurou S $50,000
Noboru A+ $25,000
Uchiha, Rin A- $15,000
Minu B- 7,000


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