Puppets in the ninja world are weaponized puppets that are used by primarily Sunagakure ninja through chakra strings. The downside is that the user is often wide open to attacks if they lack the skill to protect themselves.


Puppets allow the ninja to fight from close and afar through the use of chakra strings controlling the joints of the puppet. If blocked the puppet will be unable to move. The better the puppeter is the less chakra strings they require and the more puppets they can wield.

Rookie --This individual is skilled with basic puppetry, able to deftly preform a minute amount of chakra strings from their finger-tips. --LIMIT: ONE.

Trained --As a trained puppeteer, this individual has advanced in their usage of chakra strings, and craftsmanship. They are able to conjure up chakra strings from their finger-tips, and control basic objects. --LIMIT: THREE.

Veteran --Veteran Puppeteers are highly skilled individuals. They are able to use advanced chakra strings with ease, and their craftsmanship is of high-grade. They are able to control medium and large objects, and can even conceal with strings invisibly. --LIMIT: SIX

Master --Masterful Puppetry is a reckoning come true. This individual is able to effortlessly use chakra strings as though second nature, even able to conceal these strings invisibly. Their craftsmanship is of highest grade, and they are able to control any object, even human beings with ease. --LIMIT: TEN

Human Puppetry --This morbid and often named desecration is an extremely rare skill among puppeteers. This individual is able to manipulate and modify human bodies to their liking, forming them into weaponized puppets. They maintain all kekkai genkai, but lose all other abilities.

Puppet Explanations

Puppets are generally a confusing topic in Era of the Shinobi. Puppet perks are generally acquired via learning (though not with the learn/teach system) from a shinobi who already knows the art. After learning rookie, the puppeteer may progress on their own to the higher stages (except for human puppetry).

The puppeteer creates a puppet ICly from the usage of either the progress log or the learn/teach log. Both may be used for this purpose. It works a lot like logging for a perk or learning a jutsu and it requires constant daily roleplay to complete. The process is heavily admin dependent. After you complete your puppet ICly a GM should be called to review the creation. NOTE THAT YOU HAVE TO CREATE YOUR OWN PUPPET ICON OR BORROW ONE FROM SOMEONE ELSE. The created puppet is utilized via a jutsu, though it is an IC item and can be destroyed, stolen or given away.

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