Sabiru as a child

Sabiru (錆びる) was an eight year old refugee from Sunagakure no Sato, yet he resided in Kirigakure no Sato as an academy student. He was known to be one of the many 'Wanderers' amongst the ruins of the once prosperous village who had fled to escape bounty hunters.


Sabiru was an olive-skinned child with a generous mop of dark brown hair and dull, violet eyes. He stood just above average height for his age, lending much of his growth to his physical upbringing in the outer marshes of Mizu no Kuni.

During his time as an apprentice smith, Sabiru was deceptively muscular due to hours at the forge in 'The Strongest Edge'. With his abandonment of his career as a smith and transition into a full-time student, however, his muscle mass wasn't nearly as lean as before.


Sabiru opposed his foster father's taciturn personality, causing him to be very direct and honest during conversation which complements his youthful desire for knowledge and understanding. As a result he appeared rather airheaded and oblivious towards another person's feelings, yet he was more than eager to apologize and go out of his way to appease them. A virtue he had acquired is that of patience; despite being young, Sabiru had matured both mentally and physically beyond other orphans of his age due to the circumstances around him and attempted mastery of his previous craft. After getting over his bout of obsession over weaponry, he turned his interests to his body instead after seeing the superhuman feats open to an experienced shinobi. 

Sabiru's Story

The Destruction Of The Desert
On the 11th of April, Year 687, Sabiru entered this world to a pair of proud Sunagakure no Sato shinobi of unknown status, spending his most vulnerable and tender moments within the warmth of his mother's arms. Within this period of time, Sunagakure no Sato was flourishing and slowly beginning to remedy their infamous reputation of thugs and lowlifes. Within this year nothing of note happened that would directly effect Sabiru nor his family, although the occasional brawl wasn't uncommon amongst the undisciplined masses of Genin and Academy Students desperate to prove their worth. Despite minor conflicts, there was a sense that peace could indeed be accomplished with the advent of a Chuunin Exam in the coming years.

It took one man to shatter that delusion.

One fateful eve in the Year 690, Uchiha, Seimu launched his assault upon Sunagakure no Sato whilst enslaving the One-Tailed Beast known as Shukaku with his doujutsu prowess, wiping out two high-ranking shinobi and countless civilians. Amongst the casualties were Sabiru's parents; his mother who had shielded him from collapsing beams and sandstone as he rest within his crib and his father who had met the Shukaku's catastrophic might through a wide sweep of it's colossal tail.

A new day brought new challenges as Uchiha, Seimu seemingly retreated on a whim, leaving countless corpses and ruinous buildings in his wake. Mourning yet still hopeful, the survivors began to fear another attack before a messenger instantly brought news from the other villages. A bounty was placed upon all residents of Sunagakure, either out of fear of such an incident occurring within their own lands or at the manipulative schemes of Uchiha, Seimu. With the threat of extermination of the village, it's inhabitants and assets, the Kazekage immediately disbanded the hierarchy and structure of Sunagakure no Sato. This caused what was left of the citizens to evacuate as bandits began to roll in to take advantage of the chaos.

Rising From Rubble
Stripping and pillaging the remains of Sunagakure no Sato, the bandits soon came upon Sabiru after hearing his endless cries. They contemplated leaving the child to starve; after all, another mouth to feed which could not do any work was a liability at best. A gruff, burly man known as Ibara spoke up, however, stating that he would take care of the baby so that he may prove useful one day. Frustrated at the possible loss of their most adept blacksmith and appraiser yet deterred by Ibara's conviction, the bandits decided to settle within the mists of their previous homeland in Mizu no Kuni in order to support their comrade and keep him safe. The child was jokingly named 'Sabiru', as he had 'rusted' the stoic and stern smith's iron heart.

A year later, however, the bandits bade farewell to Ibara and Sabiru as they did not wish to become too attached to their old home. With Ibara, Sabiru grew up amidst the droning of flame and strikes of a hammer. Although he was apart from his band of brothers, Ibara had no intention of letting his sharp skills dull. As time passed Sabiru grew interested in his foster father's work, forcing the now easily malleable smith to teach him how to forge the most basic of items such as horseshoes and rivets. Sabiru grew up unaware of his biological parent's death, existence or ancestry and as he did not ask, Ibara did not tell.

As the heat of the events surrounding Sunagakure no Sato began to wane, the pair headed within Kirigakure no Sato in order to set up their trade; a village of shinobi, after all, would always be in need of weapons.

Metal In The Mist

On his eighth birthday, Sabiru awoke to find Ibara gone without a trace. Not a note nor any indication of his whereabouts were found after minutes of frantic searching. Spending the morning of his birthday alone, Sabiru came to the conclusion that Ibara had gone to visit his friends in the bandit group he had spoke much about. Feeling content with his reasoning, the boy sets out to use what little materials he has in order to surprise his foster father upon his return, pushing back the thoughts of abduction or death to the deepest void of his mind.

As dusk fell, Sabiru began to wander around the gates of Kirigakure, attracting the attention of two shinobi who were on patrol. As they met they decided to practice throwing kunai to pass the night away, however a seemingly stray kunai struck the boy's torch which in turn led them to acknowledge the boy's presence. Instead of retrieving it, the shinobi instead allowed Sabiru to keep as an apparent token of goodwill.

It was then that the child had acquired his first weapon, prompting him to shamble on home with a small sliver of tears after pricking his finger upon it. He spent the rest of his birthday's night taking notes and sketching the kunai's form and structure, obsessing over it as he is prone to do once his emotions get the better of him.  

Morning soon came, leaving Sabiru to stumble around town once more drunk on exhaustion and information regarding his new treasure. As he had such a weapon, the child decided to seek out guidance on how to use it. After all, the shinobi world is a dangerous place, possibly permitting even a citizen as he to wield a weapon.

Sabiru returned to the Kirigakure no Sato Gate to find the same pair, now evident to be in a relationship akin to student and teacher. He watched their sparring session with extreme interest and awe; they performed superhuman feats such as seemingly instantaneous movement and spectacular leaps into the air that would easily clear a building. It was at this moment that Sabiru came to appreciate these shinobi; he had only thought of them as customers in need of tools, however to him they are now more like colossal machines in need of parts to function.

After a barrage of questions by the bewildered child a high-ranking shinobi introduced himself to the boy, stating that there was need for more young aspirants within Kirigakure and promised to help cultivate his love of weaponry. More than eager to get started, Sabiru raced off to the Kirigakure Academy in hopes of learning the secrets of these human weapons known as shinobi.

On the way, however, the young child bore witness to a demon attack near the Kirigakure Kage House. Dismissing it as a dream at first, Sabiru observed with interest as a variety of complex weapons and magical waves of lightning, mud and crystal were used in order to take the beast down, however the attempted capture of a veteran kunoichi and shinobi combined with the pure aura of malice from the beast caused the young apprentice to come to his senses.

Immediately after the demon was repelled, Sabiru became even more willing to learn the arts of the shinobi. If such creatures existed within even Kirigakure's walls, there was no way he could survive long enough to meet Ibara again without learning to defend himself.

The Assassin's Academy

Sabiru was rather unexpectedly accepted into the Kirigakure Academy with ease, leaving him as one of the youngest students in his class at the age of eight. His days were spent upon absorbing chakra theory, jutsu, the fundamentals of the shinobi world and juggling his training as an apprentice smith. This led to a lot of conflicts in his schedule and as a result caused him to be rather distant within social groups and late for lessons. Despite his rough mastery of the standard E-rank jutsu that was taught at the academy, the young boy strove to better himself once he had learned that he could not graduate until his tenth birthday; just under two years after his enrollment. The Kirigakure Academy had also allowed Sabiru many opportunities to study standard shinobi weaponry such as kunai and shuriken, giving him much to do in regards to refining his craft during his free time.

Finding it a struggle to balance his life as a smith and student, Sabiru made a tough decision during this period to abandon his career as a smith and instead devote himself to studying. As a result of this he made an immense improvement in both his practical and theoretical knowledge of the shinobi world, surpassing a majority of his fellow students in control and application of chakra to techniques. His hard work was even recognised by his teachers, prompting him to serve as an impromptu teaching assistant and example for learning techniques irregardless of his age and rank.

Despite not being able to graduate due to his age, Sabiru instead focused upon enhancing his mind and body through constant hardwork and study, catching the eyes of his teachers who then offered him training regarding elemental affinities. Although he had next to no experience regarding elements apart from basic hierarchy, the child decided to devote himself to this specialised school of ninjutsu; after all the demon that had plagued Kirigakure but a few months ago was still fresh on his mind and he had no intention of getting up close and personal with another of it's kin. Difficulties soon arised however; a sudden deficiency in his irregular chakra quickly dissuaded him from continuing any further until he had discovered the root of this phenomenon.

Within a week Sabiru's delibating symptoms worsened tremendously; his tenketsu began to weaken and eventually collapse as a result of his unique magnetic chakra, leaving him dead at the age of eight and with no mark of history or kin to pass on his name.

His body's location is currently unknown.


  • Sabiru was known to be a keen fisherman, spending a good deal of his free time at any source of water if not studying or training.
  • Sabiru adored aquatic life as a result of his upbringing in Kirigakure, most notably species of salamander, toads and tropical fish due to their vibrant colours and patterns.
  • Sabiru's most saught-after dish was a hot casserole consisting of winter turnips, ripe tomatoes and glacial cabbage.

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