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(Top-Left)Shikuo clan symbol (Center) Shikuo, Nathaniel; the most prominent member of the Shikuo.

The Shikuo clan hails from Sunagakure no Sato. It currently consists of two living members, the twins Nathaniel and Masaki. At one point, however, they did have a third brother, Kumoi.


The Shikuo clan has resided in Sunagakure for centuries, but they were most notable during the years of 688 and as of now. Most of the clan was killed off through-out time, but they were always a small clan that kept to themselves, known as the Dragons of Sunagakure. Dragons is what they were called due to their mastery of Taijutsu, since it was so great. The most well known of the clan Nathaniel made himself a rolemodel for the clan, being the head and one of the few still alive in the clan.

Year 690

The year of the ever so wanted Chuunin Exams, oddly enough none from Shikuo clan participated. This was the year that the second in line to become head of the clan became genin, Kumoi. He shortly died after becoming one- minus one for the clan.

Year 698

On naruto rpc roy by xxroyexx-d3dn46h

Nicholas Shikuo, 698

After Nathaniel's disappearance, Nicholas would be the last shinobi member of the clan Shikuo, and as such he took on the title of "Leader." Although he was skilled in Taijutsu, he also excelled at the use of Doton, Nathaniel could only hope, from wherever he was, that this would be enough to pass his clan's name on throughout the ages as a legendary shinobi clan of Sunagakure no Sato.

Notable Members

Shikuo, Nathaniel (Coolest Guy Around. Deceased)

Shikuo, Nicholas (The Shikuo's Last Hope.)

Shikuo, Masaki (Most Inactive Guy Around)

Shikuo, Kumoi (Deceased)

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