The Tachibana clan hails from Sunagakure no Sato. It currently consists of one living member.


The Tachibana clan is a newly found clan. The clan was founded offically in 695 by Tachibana, Shuji.

Tachibana, Shuji

Shuji is seventeen years old, he's an eccentric about missions.

Once a mission is available Shuji would take it, offering to lead and do the most difficult missions, trying to make a name for himself and for his clan that he wishes to build.

Shuji was already a veteran at missions by the age of 15, already racking up over 24 missions ranging from D to B.

Shuji however took his second and last A rank mission in which he encountered Uchiha, Rin. He saved two squad-members that day by sacrificing both his arms.

Shuji is now back in action after being hospitalised for a few years and completing his rehabilitation for his two new steel arms that he wears till this day.

Mission Count:
D: 15

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