Welcome to Sunagakure

Arrived in Sunagakure in the middle of the night from a nearby small village. It was attacked by a group of rouge shinobi and then raided by bandits. He lived there with his mother never knowing his father. He seemed to be one of the calmer people you would meet. Upon arriving he quickly got into the swing of a ninja village making obvious adjustments to become an contributing member.

Controversial Thinker.

There are many a great mind within Sunagakure, Takai is lucky enough to rank among them. He seems to always be willing to step up and take charge. Though many of his peers and superiors dislike this it has not been able to stop his drive. He has seemed as of late to force himself into power as if he had a deep hunger for it. His eye currently set on the hospital. He has been putting in the work and it is only a matter of time before the hospital is overtaken by the young man. It would seem as if nothing could truely stop the drive of the boy. Though even the most driven people sometimes waiver.

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