Takeshi original

Takeshi seen at age 16

Takeshi Tenjou, headmaster of Sunagakure no Sato.  Second in line of the Tenjou clan.  (Lawful neutral)


Takeshi Tenjou, is a fairly lighthearted caring kind of person.  Although he has a strong will and can take competition a little to seriously at times.


Is usually wearing a purple jacket over his standard issue armor (Which 

Armor and sword

Takeshi in armor

he actually dislikes to wear). He is also required to have a sword but he is rarely seen with it in his hand or even drawn.  He can also usually be seen wearing a pink kunai holster around his ankle.  He assumes it's a gift, because he can't remember buying it.


Takeshi Tenjou, born to Toshi, and Sophie Tenjou, just 4 minutes after his older brother Takashi Tenjou.  Abandoned by his parents at the age of 9 he was sad for awhile, but his heart's been hardend and he no longer harbors fond thoughts of them.  He took after twin by enrolling in the shinobi academy.  Not long after he became the official academy headmaster at the age of 16.

Goals and Aspirations

(In no particular order)

Become a shinobi

Be the best shinobi in his family

Master Nintai

Become a teacher

Become the headmaster of the academy

Have a recoginzable name around the world

Inprove the Tenjou name

See the world

Get married

Important people

Tenjou, Takashi - Older twin brother to Takeshi

Tenjou, Arisu - Younger sister to Takeshi

Tenjou, Miroslaw - Favorite cousin of Takeshi

Takeshi and Yuki

Takeshi and Yumi

Satoru/Samayou - Takeshi sees them as the family rivals to Takashi and him

Gushimaki, Rika - Adopted cousin of Takeshi

Kirigaya, Yumi - Girlfriend of Takeshi

Kirigaya, Kazuto - Partner in crime.

Inferna - Best friend

Yuremashi, Flora  - Takeshi's teaching assistant

Shibori, Ayumi - His Kazekage that he follows unwaveringly


Really enjoys playing truth or dare in the square of Sunagakure

Enjoys sparring, but doesn't enjoy fighting

Proposed to Shibori, Ayumi on a dare

Uses grappling techinques to defeat his opponents

Despises leaving the comfort of his home city, Sunagakure.

Despite the fact that he lives in Suna, he prefers the feel of grass more than sand.

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