There are almost a dozen Tenjous, including the trio and one adopted sister. The cousins come from various sides and parts of Sunagakure and the surrounding country. Little is known about the origins of the family and the mysterious disappearances of a near entire generation.

Toshi and Sophie Tenjou

The once parents of the clan, the couple disappeared into the desert seven years ago, never to be heard from again. 

Sophie was born under unknown circumstances, and appeared in the village at a young age. She grew up as a part of the village and married Toshi, the village blacksmith.

Toshi was born in the village, to respectable parents. Both of his parents were killed when he was small. He grew up apprenticing as a black smith. 

They hadn't reached the age of thirty before their disappearance.

The Tenjou Trio

Takashi and Takeshi are the troublesome Tenjou twins. Takashi earned his place in the shiobi ranks before Takeshi, who is using his ambition to get noticed with the higher ups. The third sibling is young Arisu, who is fifteen. She is currently the only known female Tenjou and became a shinobi around the same time as Takeshi. These three are the main bloodline, Takashi being the eldest and leader of the clan. 

After the disappearance of their parents, the trio pulled together to raise themselves. They are strong young individuals.. not to be underestimated.

Their love of cats is known throughout Sunagakure.

Other Notable Tenjous

Miroslaw is a drunk and often under the bottle, he can be seen most days sauntering around the village square. His training does not appear to be interrupted by this. Rika Gushimaki is adopted into the clan and under Miroslaw's protection. Satoru and Samayou are a package deal, two blue haired brothers who keep a tight training regiment. Ryuu can often be seen running amongst them all, his light heartedness keeps him above the fray of family tension.

Current Tenjous

Tenjou, Takashi - Clan Leader

Tenjou, Takeshi (Deceased)

Tenjou, Arisu (Deceased)

Tenjou, Miroslaw

Tenjou, Satoru (Deceased)

Tenjou, Samayou

Tenjou, Ryuu

Gushimaki Rika (Adopted, Deceased)

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