Ensuing the exposition of the new era, Jakuchu Azura, Konohagakure's own Shodai Hokage had hosted the first Chuunins Exam. These exams represented the strong bonds of the three great shinobi villages: Konohagakure, Sunagakure, and Kirigakure. Ensuing a lengthy period of festives, Shinobi were sent into a location infamously known as the Forest of Death to duke it out to collect scrolls from their advesaries.

With approaxmately thirty participants, each combatant was given a scroll detailing their target, and a flag, of which they'd have to protect from their own assailant. A mere exam had turned into a bloodbathe, as allies turned against one another in a battle of life or death. In the end, only thirteen of the participants made it to the second round.

A tournament ensued, in which the most elite of the exams tested their abilities against one another to acheive the title of Chuunin. Seimu Uchiha, whom would one day become the infamous Mindweaver and a world class criminal, had arisen the victor of the exams.

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