Damon was born in the Hidden Leaf Village shortly after his father died from a incurable disease. Damon went on with his life not knowing who his father was for five years until his mother died on a mission to another village. Damon  was now ten years old and living by himself. He accepted the idea that no one
Uchiha Damon

Uchiha,Damon(Ages 10-14)

cared for him, seeing as his family didn't want to stay with him. He couldn't understand why they decided to leave their child all alone in the world, so he grew to hate everyone that he met. Damon didn't want to hurt anymore so he shut out his feelings towards those he cared about in order not to get hurt again.He goes around the village pickpocketing to get his next meal and wears the clothing he aqquired from his father which is still to large for him. He joins the academy hoping to become a great shinobi. His only goal that he had was to rid the world of suffering and he thought the only way to do this was to become a powerful shinobi and change the world. Damon currently spends his time slacking off at the academy and picking fights wit
Uchiha Damon (Teen)

Uchiha,Damon(Ages 15-18)

h the other students just to see who is stronger. He doesn't care about the other students, only about his own progress and the superiors who are going to help him get there. The only person he hates is Nara, Chiba for being a teacher's pet and knowing more jutsu than Damon himself.

Damon decides to start his Taijutsu training by meeting and fighting Kiko Suria, a Chunin level shinobi of the Hidden Leaf. She told Damon she was a Generalist but offered to help him in his training to become better in Taijutsu. He plans to become great at it so that he can beat all of the other Genin in the spars that teachers make them have often.


Damon has medium to long length black hair and amber colored eyes. His facial expression sometimes seems serious but he is known to let out a smile once in awhile, showing that he is not such a bad person after all. He is pretty tall for his age being at 5'8" in height. He weighs 130 lbs and has a athletic slim build. He wears his father's white long sleeve shirt and black pants. The shirt is long enough to conceal
Uchiha Damon Adult

Uchiha,Damon (Ages 18-20+)

Damon's hands into his sleeves whenever he feels like it.