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Haruna Uchiha (うちは春菜 Uchiha, Haruna), born Haruna Miyamoto (宮本春菜 Miyamoto, Haruna), resides in Konohagakure no Sato. She is currently a kunoichi who holds the rank of Chuunin. As a member of the Uchiha clan, Haruna wields the power to possess their abilities.


The 24 year old holds that of recessive, unique physical traits that are not normally held to an average Uchiha. Inheriting her orchid, blue set eyes and chocolate, brown hair from her mother, the rest can be credited to her father. She stands tall at 5'9" and weighs the average that a normal woman for her age would contain. Over the years, her style and look has continued to refine itself, it changing for the better. At a young age, she was most noticeable for striving away from fashionable clothing, it appearing that she was indeed a tomboy. However, she has since grown out of that mindset and will occasionally deem such wear. Aside from those details, her beauty is said to resemble mostly of her mother to those who knew her, Haruna's features surely softening with age with no haste at hand. Haruna has stuck to changing from combat gear to casual clothing lately as she finds her duties and daily life crossing each other at the seams.


There is nothing more ambiguous than Haruna's personality. In her youth, Haruna was known for being quite the troublemaker and daredevil, always ready to try something new without considering the consequences. Getting into trouble due to her uncanny curiosity would often leave her to be a person prone to injuries. Of course, injuries, whether mental or physical, still afflict her as of today. Partnering up with her reckless nature is that of a childish one. As she loves to make jokes from day to day, she will often revert back to the mind of a child. Though, this has calmed down as she has matured. Still, this side of her still comes out from time to time.



Continuing the undefined trend, Haruna at one point had trouble bottling her anger. This could be for the mere fact that her chronical, mental blackouts sided with amnesia would leave her confused, causing spaces of her memory to act irrationally. Results ranged from distancing herself from others to punching small indentions in walls or even in one instance, breaking a table in two.

In recent years, Haruna has grown apart from most of her past actions. She is often seen sitting at the lake, spectating upon the water and nature itself. Overall, adjusting to a peaceful lifestyle. However, she has taken on the interest of shinobi business again which may lead her back into her old life.


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