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Aomine, 14 years old.

Uchiha, Aomine PART I

Uchiha, Aomine is a boy who is destined to become the Savior of Konohagakure. Currently waiting for the academy to start up so he could learn the things that are needed to advance for the next level. Aomine is a proud member of the legendary Uchiha clan, and serves justice.


Aomine was the second son of Izune Uchiha (Not affiliated with the series.) and Hiroko Watarabi. The name of his older brother is Uchiha, Tsune.  Which he heard rumors that he might be alive after the tragic that happend on Aomine. 

Aomine has an dream to become the best of the best. Show the people that he is good enough to become the savior of his village and surpass the people who mocked Aomine cause of him being an ordinary villager.

Everytime when there were no shinobis to guard the gate, Aomine headed to the unguarded gate sneakily so he could prove the people and make people talk about his courage. Aomine is an gentle boy who acts decent and direct at the same time.

Aomine is also usually doing what he wants and how he wants to. Aomine says what he thinks and wants to be called the child of Prophecy.


Acts decent all the time and also direct at the same time.  Not that very talk-ative and remains composure. He can't handle losing which makes Aomine  lose its vibe to become an ninja. His other personality on behalf looks like Aomine's evil counterpart  who gets awake when he sees someone close to him fall down before his eyes and mostly gets in fights and acts aggressive.

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