The wakizashi is a weapon that many shinobi carry, yet few take time to master. Serving as a potent tool both in and out of it's sheathe to defuse situations, this sword is also found in the employ of samurai as an offhand or ceremonial weapon.

With exceptional skill, some shinobi have even been able to embue the blade with an elemental nature. Some example applications include:

  • Lightning at the tip of the blade to drastically increase penetration and potential nervous system damage.
  • Fire around the blade to increase the effective range through burns upon near misses. With the potential to trigger tags, this allows close-quarters control.
  • Water around the blade to buffer and soften blow or even at the tip of the blade to inject within the opponent to cause grievous internal damage.
  • Earth around the blade to drastically increase durability of the weapon and provide a powerful shield if skilled with manipulation.
  • Wind around the blade to drastically increase the sharpness and slicing capabilities of the weapon, even allowing ranged cuts of wind if sufficiently skilled.


The wakizashi's blade reaches between 10 inches and 26 inches, with it's handle a tidy third of it's length. It's edge is slightly curved and often sharpened on only one side. The other side is often kept blunt in order to act as a shock absorber or even for parrying if desperate. Due to it's smaller size, the wakizashi is both durable due to it's surface area and compact, making it ideal for long scouting or infiltration missions. What it lacks is reach, prompting the user to compensate with their own skill.  

In Asia, this blade is commonly associated with ritual suicide or "Harakiri".  A tradition passed within the concept of honour and "Bushido", a disgraced or dishonoured person would cut deep into their belly with this weapon before their head is cleaved from the neck by either a close friend or servant. This is both a testament to this weapon's penetrative power and capability for dismemberment. 

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