The windmill shuriken (otherwise known as the fūma shuriken) is a hulking titan in comparison to it's smaller cousin. Large, intimidating and heavy, this weapon is ill-suited for throwing unless the wielder is tremendously strong. It's blades protrude outwards and curve within, making it an ideal weapon for shedding and tearing blood and flesh.

If the user is skilled enough, close-quarters combat is possible, potentially transforming two windmill shuriken into a pair of human buzzsaws with sufficient rotation. The frame of the weapon is also wide, offering the possibility of blocking other blades and even projectiles with fast enough reflexes.


This weapon is a hulking titan in comparison to it's smaller cousin, easily clearing a diameter of three feet (36 inches) or more. Although consisting of four, solid blades, It may be collapsed like a fan or even dismantled for storage, yet it is still difficult to conceal without the user wearing either a large mantle or cloak. Like it's smaller variant the windmill shuriken has a ring within it's centre, allowing the user to grip safely with their hands, thread a sufficiently robust wire or even support the weapon with their arm.

Although plainly destructive, it is also rather slow in flight, allowing an alert shinobi to easily dodge provided there are no major obstructions. Instead of a light whisper this colossal shuriken emits a bellowing drone when thrown, making it a poor choice for stealth.

The advent of the windmill shuriken may have either come out of need for psychological warfare, thematics or perhaps as ammunition for a siege weapon.

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