Raki (Puberty/Teen)

Raki is an Academy Student and aligned with Konohagakure No Sato, the young boy hails from the Yamanaka Clan.


Newly slicked and well combed hair that hangs over his face on both sides the right side covering move of the face than the left. Crystalline blue eyes accompanied the young boy's features giving quite often a gentle twinkle that shines around the inside of his irises. Handsomly curved face with a well chisled but thin chin.


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The Tale thus Far

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Sayuri Yamanaka
This particular individual is another of the Yamanaka Clan that resides within the confinement of Konohagakure's Family hierarchy. She was the starting inspiration for Raki in order to fight for some place for the Yamanaka to lay down their roots once again forming a 'House' or caste of their own reaffirming their existence. Though their bond isn't as strong as it could be and they don't see one another often, Raki holds nothing but grand respect for his older cousin and would gladly lay down his life for her.
Shukada Yamanaka
In truth, there is no real bond or connection between these two individuals aside from the fact that they share the same name and perhaps the similar concern towards Sayuri's well being. Upon the initial meeting of Shukada, Raki had harbored a form of annoyance with the old blonde haired boy as he attempted to assume the position as 'Leader' of the Yamanaka clan. As time had traveled on it only proved more reason to Raki the boy wasn't fit for it.
Erai Yamanaka
There isn't anything connecting these two individuals other than their name as well, except the fact that Raki considers Erai a bit weird towards him. Apparently yelling triumphantly about beating a male within a 'mans' game and overly using her sexuality to cause whatever unfortunate soul to deter towards her direction. The way she acts confuses the boy to no ends constantly wondering why she'd place herself in such an image.

Bonds of the Cards

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