Yamanaka Yuriina is currently a 12 year old academy student in Konohagakure.


Yuriina is a very nice and kind girl. She never likes to leave anyone out of her 'adventures', noted when she didn't have a problem when Izaku tagged along with her and Choziro. She is a very bright individual and always tries to cheer people up when they are around her. The girl is very intelligent and loves to read and meditate, claiming that "To become a great Yamanaka shinobi, I must train my mind more than anything!" Yuriina is also very outgoing and sociable and loves to meet new people. She can take jokes and dish them back at people.


From a young age, Yuriina was molded to be a smart, caring, and ambitous individual due to her being born in the Yamanaka clan. Her father, Yamanaka, Yuroshi, a 45 year old retired shinobi as well as her mother, Yamanaka, Yuri, raised the female her whole life, teaching her about the basics of a shinobi at a young age.

Around the age of 7, her father suffered a serious injury on a mission and was paralyzed from the waste down causing him to retire. This devestated Yuriina and she vowed to carry on her intermidiate families legacy and become a strong shinobi like her father and eventually become the Hokage of the village.

At the age of 12, the young girl, with alot of wisdom being taught to her by her father, decided it was time that she joined the shinobi ranks and enroll in the academy along with her best friend Akimichi, Choziro. Her path to becoming a great Kunoichi starts here...
Oc yamanaka yuriina by pindanglicious-d54eycu


  • Yuriina's favorite food are carrots.
  • Yuriina loves hanging out with friends.

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