Tetsuya at the age of twelve

Tetsuya is a Veteran Genin of Kirigakure


Tetsuya stands at a small 4 feet 7 inches (4'7) and weighs about ninety-five pounds. He's twelve years old and has short white hair with light blue eyes. He wears a slightly plain outfit with not too much fashion sense poured into it since other people usually pick his clothes.


Tetsuya is a young child and with that, usually very clingy to his superiors aswell as sometimes either hyperactive or down as all hell. He takes the words of his superiors quite seriously and with that usually puts him in these moods, a very sad boy if you reprimand him or a very happy boy if you compliment him on something or help him do better too.

He tends to atleast try to work hard despite his fragile body, He usually avoids fighting in direct combat due to this and tends to find ways to alternatvely fight them with projectiles or other things, anything can be a weapon in the hands of a smart person. He isn't too smart or bright though but has a memory that copes with that, anything he learns and sees worth in remembering will be remembered. He aims to be atleast somewhat useful to the village despite all these hold-backs.

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